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s 4d
Loving a person is an
experience that's bitter sweet,
You love them for
Who they were,
Who they are and
Who they are yet to be.
Its their past that's bitter,
Makes me jealous like no other.
  Jun 2021 s
Little did she know,
I love her
and the chaos
in her heart.
s May 2021
No rhythm, no scheme
No punctuation, im free to dream
I write, i open up, for words
don't judge
And for once, im me.
I pick my poison and write away
  May 2021 s
If there comes a time
that you might lose me
Find me in my poetry
  May 2021 s
Zack Ripley
You can keep your secrets.
You can keep the past in the past.
Just tell me what you need.
Because I think we have something
That can last.
All it takes is your smile
to make me smile too.
All I need to be happy
is to see you happy too
  May 2021 s
you sit with me in my silence.
and that means more to me
roses and chocolate.
written by d.f.
s May 2021
It's not what you've told me
It is what you've done after,
That is all it takes
for you to hurt me
Because I thought you could
take care of my heart better.
What a shame
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