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Silverflame Nov 2018
Lightning bolts embroidered on swaying hips;
two oceans roam with potential danger.
Come take a sip of wonder - if you dare;
let the water guide home the lost sailor.
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
Is the moon not hung right tonight?
Can you not just help make me the world bright.
Oh no it is not bright.
Too much not to take a life.

The victim is not right.
After all heat of day.
All the others went away.
You were the one who stayed.

Help me in this fight.
Because the odds are not in my favor.
Is this alright.
The kind that cures wild behavior.

I need to have a little time to get adjusted.
Because the doors open.
Then the bolts are busted.
At risk, for a heart I am hoping.

Just give me time.
Time to not waste and throw away.
In myself just what I find.
Now on the ground I lay.

The victim of another day.
Can not throw it all away.
Soon maybe I will see.
Forever a victim I cannot be.
Celeste Briefs Aug 2017
We are two bolts of lightning
Exploring the negative spaces
Charging and igniting
Cracks of light run down our faces

Taking form in darkness
This lonely sky is ours to keep
We generate a light so fine
Then run away on swiftest feet

Never in the same place twice
Ever changing, disappearing
Joining hands and spreading out
A violent aura appearing

Now we are one line,
One streak of brilliant light
Stinging Earth with heated love
Burning the ignited sky
a body electrically
a mind destroying
the floor
we did once
form a circuit
with that eternal natural return of
ground to sky
lightning bolt the band ******* slays
Äŧül Jun 2014
Here I am happily satisfied with my love ultimately.
Neither I have chosen you, nor you have chosen me.
Destiny brought our hearts this close.
Thank you for accepting my proposal.
I do not roam this land as a nomad lion.
But unlike you, I am not awestruck by it.
I will say many, so many more love poems.
To you all of my poems will be dedicated.
Cackles will fill our household one day.
It may often be seen as love in nature.
Love's the most beautiful nature trait.
We can never be done apart as long as we breathe.
Twinkling in the sky we will talk even after we die.

Saying your beautiful name instils positive energy.
I am imagining our future being united in a home.

Our home is not just walls & furniture.

You will see, madam, you will observe.
My HP Poem #649
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —