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Baylee Kaye Jan 13
Yo hago todo si me dices por favor
because I can’t resist the way you say it mi amor
amanda  Jul 2018
love is not
amanda Jul 2018
love is not made of giving and taking in equal parts
it is not a favor for a favor
i owe you nothing

love is not a compromise reached after long deliberation
it is not hurting on Monday
and healing on Tuesday

love is not touching because you will leave if i do not
it is not feigning naivety
when you see me cry

love is not the untimely squandering of innocence
it is not the suffocating grip of guilt
it is not your unwelcome touch

love is not
love is not
love is not
Undone  Apr 2018
do me a favor.
Undone Apr 2018
This pounding in my chest
It hurts my love
It hurts so much

Because my mind well it's decaying
And what used to help has stopped
Everything has stopped

So I need you
I need you to do me a favor

Take my heart
And unravel the veins
Like you're untying your shoelaces
Then kiss me tenderly
Let me close my eyes
And weave flowers in my hair
(daisies if you can)
And tip the mortician so she does a good job on me

Then when my body turns cold
And my lips are sealed with glue
Just know in my final moments
I was thinking of you

So wipe away your tears and get rid of that frown
Cause baby I'll be happiest when I'm in the ground
It hurts
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
Till that time
You were stranger
So do I
Just as a myth
Forever was far away

A second or less
It belongs to us
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Time in our favour
Karisa Brown  Dec 2018
Karisa Brown Dec 2018
You are the tailor
The maker
The storm and the desire
CK Baker  Feb 2017
Blood lines
CK Baker Feb 2017
There were dividing lines
between springfield
and mariners gate
soft, subtle lines
that spoke of origin
and code
and biting union

it was all
the reason
for being;
alive and living
dead or dying
deep in a pack
of pint size resistors
hell bent on the
marsh crow
and cannabis tower
jumping the rush
with *** shots
and anchors
and tribunals

camouflage creepers
and transient floaters
marked rebellion at the gates
(skullduggery and taunt
high on their favor list)
jack straws and flat paddles
for the evening charade
beakers and flailing hands
from the foot washing baptist
(the pleasant street conservatives with their
own something to say…“there’s gonna be hell to pay!”)

there's a
lingering effect
to this sentiment
(evident in the pump house stride)
the river winds
blow gently
into the night
as the huddling packers
and **** backs
chase the evening hours

it’s a bitter sweet
end of an era;
those traction bars
hood scoops
and nickel bags
will always
be the rage
I have a favor to ask of you,
Here's what I’d like you to do:
First take away my last breath;
Then peel away my ****** flesh.
Next please crack my rib cage open,
And discard the heart that's broken.
Release the creature inside my chest,
Let it roam, let me rest.
Let that monster crawl about,
And writhe in agony now that it's out.
A cold hand that will caress;
Let it die a painful death.
Let it hurt like it hurt me,
So that I truly can be free.
When it's gone then I can heal;
Tell me, do we have a deal?
I wouldn't call it revenge; returning the favor sounds much nicer.
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