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aaron Dec 2019
you treat me as a freak
every mistake i make
every rule i break
i know the song and dance
but you won't give me a chance
how do i prove myself
when you kick me off the shelf
i hit the ground and shatter
broken glass boy bits scatter
sarcasm and satire
you light me on fire
i love you is what you shout
yet you always throw me out
unlock the door is my only plea
i just want to be free
you set my role and shape
how do i escape
aaron Dec 2019
go outside and fill your lungs with smoke
drink one two three four twelve beers
my eighteen year old body will hide and choke
brain rushing and filling with eleven year old fears
running car engine and slamming car door
both will send me running away
age fourteen you're implying i'm a *****
you weren't a good mother much to my dismay
you throw me to the side again and again
then you swear that you really do love me
but i never see how where why when
your claims of love make me laugh
you don't love me with your whole heart
you don't even love me with half
you always with you could hit restart
it'll be like this until my grave
i wish i could trust you
i wish i could feel safe
but those are jokes too.
why did i have to be the biggest mistake you made
aaron Nov 2019
skin bean bag chairs are sliced and emptying
the rocking chair of bones creak and splinter
hot tubs filled crimson and boiling
organs in the office soon to be fired
small home in absolute shambles
this is the best it's been in years
although seen obscene
it's the war between
aaron Jul 2019
equivalent exchange
three days of hallow
in exchange for
three days of strength
but there is always
dizzy stumbling falling
headaches chills fatigue
whether it was the sickness
or my debt to be paid
it was a fair trade
to feel untouchable
aaron Jul 2019
I was in heavenly bliss
Because for one night
I was his
aaron Jul 2019
I still haven't slept
I heard them all night
Things moving
People talking
They're louder now
I don't feel safe
I'm cold and alone
Everyone is asleep
Please be quiet
You're all too loud
Forgetting where I am
Who and what are safe anymore
Cats and dogs here, warm and safe
Not at my own home
Can't go anywhere
My eyes burn with tears
Can't cry, they might wake up soon

I need help
aaron Jul 2019
Burning throat
Bruised knuckles
Gasping breath
Sliced ankles
Rotting insides
Inevitable tears
Small smile
Bathroom breakdown
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