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Valentin May 27
You buy yogurt at the supermarket
You are looking at me, and you tell me
“Let’s go to your hotel room”
In Hammersmith

You take my blue sweater off
You pour yogurt all over my belly
You bend over and slightly,
You lick it up

The feeling of your tongue
On my skin,
Makes me hard
You are getting down and down

You undress me
You take it into your mouth
You look at me, straight in the eyes

You have such beautiful eyes
You are so beautiful
Please, make this moment eternal
I am all yours

This smile on your face
I could die for it
Those tasty red lips
I am craving for it

You put on your shoes again
Heading to the door
When you turn back and say
“I am going to my place and I’ll be back.”
“I want to spend the night with you.”
Dead Rose One Feb 2015
"montana-says-yoga-pants-illegal" Look up on Yahoo

we got quite the stash,
under the illegal grass,
in our hidden home,
bring 'em out when
it's just the two of us,
looking to get exercised

o'course we have secret codes,
(yogurt slackers)
never call 'em by their real name
in public,
lest we get sent by drone
to the new
orange and black jail

when we be feeling
under our coats
we wear 'em semi-publicly,
but to blend in,
we only buy black,
seeing as we live
in new york seeity,
where we reside,
black be the only
legal color for approved
illegal street walking

never when we travel domestically
in case we get busted,
don't want to face
federal interstate charges
of inciting others to riot sensationally!

this land is not my land,
maybe it is yours,
but if you come alooking
for us, we got a cabin
in the deep words,
where we practice
dress code freedom,
no ties, shirts untucked,
navel (oranges) fully exposed,
button down shirts always  unbuttoned,
(my high school days
revolutionary first strike)
hoping to escape
the idiots we
place above us
to "govern"
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
Dear the boy who works at the grocery store:

Want to know a secret?
You are the reason I eat so much yogurt.
You always tell me
"Man, you must really love yogurt
because you're always constantly
coming in here to buy more."
Well, the truth is
I eat so much yogurt so that I have to
buy more as an excuse to come
in and see you.
Martin Mikelberg Jan 2018
You are what you eat. But if you do, try the plain yogurt, low fat. It has a lot less calories.
I was just chillin, watching tv
When Sarah McLachlan looked right at me
She was holding a puppy, abused by its owner, I couldn't understand why
When I saw the poor pupper all whimpering and sad, I couldn't help but cry
My tears landed in a *** of dirt I keep next to my sink
Out from the *** a kush plant sprung, i knew it by the stink
My boy Rondelle
He smelled the smell
And rolled up with some papers
We rolled it up
We took some puffs
And breathed that sweet and sour vapour.
This really happened to me I swear.
Ellie Belanger Sep 2014
When I can't take the silence anymore
I type my little message,
send it to your cellular device
"Goodnight, sleep well."
When I really want to say
"I love you, sweet dreams."
And a few minutes later you say,
"Oh yeah. Good dreams."
And I want to kiss you,
smile at you, eat frozen raspberry yogurt
with you,
and I can't so
I guess I'll go to sleep.
Mary N May 2014
We may live in a misogynistic, male dominated world
But hey
At least women have the yogurt
February 21, 2014

— The End —