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Isabine 1d
My shadows will eat you
One grey day, a nefarious
One decimated dream, a brutish
One more night by the window, a gargantuan
One more always regret, a slow and sealing
My shadows, they ate you up
One golden drop at a
please dry your hands
before you hold me.

you're lovely but
you're clumsy.

and if i slip from you
once more, i may just

i felt good for 8 hours today,
then i slipped, now i'm back.
i suppose i should be grateful.
  3d Isabine
Ray Dunn
thank you cloudless sky
and moonlit night
Do I have
a one-track mind

I sit and watch
the wheelbarrow

fill to the brim

and I search and search
but I never seem to find

you or ever come close
to hitting that high note

Whit Howland © 2020
A word painting. An original.
staring out the window,
I remember you as you were

a bird always in flight

a fist full of tomorrows
held in the palm of your hand

staring out the window at the pouring rain
the warmth of your hand
pinions of a dove's wing
your hand in mine

I will not see the shadow
under your smile

gathering all the light in a room
like a flower in the sun

I remember you as you were
  3d Isabine
Ciel Noir
be silent

words are dangerous

this is no time to speak

a little censorship

is what keeps everybody free

and if you disagree

then you will see

your star shall fall

say what we tell you to

or don't say anything at all
i spent years
wishing to drown
in the sun's glory

willing to trade
my life to end the
rain, until it ceased

my skin dry and cold
the sky free of storm
but just as dismal

it's funny that when
drizzle met my skin
i begged to drown in it

either will do fine,
just do something.
do something-
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