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Isabine Aug 2020
What colors are growing around us,
In the space between our breaths?

heavy wings don't carry
hushed whispers scream
night ticks on forever
like falling in a dream

What colors are growing around us,
In the empty space between our breaths?
  Aug 2020 Isabine
Rachel Lady Durand
when parallel worlds collide
no words may be spoken
of the chaos left inside
how about this
you were not there
it was not real
my missing parts
you did not steal
digging deeper
deepest down
I found some thing
made me bold
alchemical gold
cannot be bought
cannot be sold
still brought a lot of trouble to my door
 future, present and what went before.
hide it in a bushell
Isabine Jul 2020
My shadows will eat you
One grey day, a nefarious
One decimated dream, a brutish
One more night by the window, a gargantuan
One more always regret, a slow and sealing
My shadows, they ate you up
One golden drop at a
  Jul 2020 Isabine
please dry your hands
before you hold me.

you're lovely but
you're clumsy.

and if i slip from you
once more, i may just

i felt good for 8 hours today,
then i slipped, now i'm back.
i suppose i should be grateful.
  Jul 2020 Isabine
Ray Dunn
thank you cloudless sky
and moonlit night
  Jul 2020 Isabine
Whit Howland
Do I have
a one-track mind

I sit and watch
the wheelbarrow

fill to the brim

and I search and search
but I never seem to find

you or ever come close
to hitting that high note

Whit Howland © 2020
A word painting. An original.
  Jul 2020 Isabine
guy scutellaro
staring out the window,
I remember you as you were

a bird always in flight

a fist full of tomorrows
held in the palm of your hand

staring out the window at the pouring rain
the warmth of your hand
pinions of a dove's wing
your hand in mine

I will not see the shadow
under your smile

gathering all the light in the room
like a flower in the sun

I remember you as you were
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