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Mansi 7d
Take a moment and
Look back at your life

You’ll find a string
Of beautiful experiences that
Placed you where you are today
Mansi Jul 5
I have always wondered
What I will look like when
I take off all of my masks

As I am slowly taking them off
I see scars that
I'm not proud of
But there is more beauty
Than I originally
Mansi Jul 2
The rawness of this world
Is often overwhelming
That’s why easier to find an escape
Rather then live in the moment

We are safe in our hiding place
But from there
we can only
watch life slip away
Mansi Jul 1
If there is a path
I will find it
No matter how hidden
I am not known to give up
Mansi Jun 29
It takes courage to live
Even if you have to
Take it one day at a time

Each moment you try to survive
Takes you closer to the time
When things will be better
Inspired by the Taiwanese tv show “the victims game”
Mansi Jun 26
What happens if
If I can’t go on?
What happens
If I lose my strength
To follow my dream?
Mansi Jun 21
Two containers:
One empty, the other full
Will both make noise
When dropped

Similarly with people
Everyone has an opinion
But you must know
Which one is worth listening to
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