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Mansi Nov 2020
Sleep is a nice break from reality
And therefore very addictive
Especially if you feel more at home
There than in reality
Mansi Nov 2020
The wet, luscious emerald grass
dancing joyfully in the wind.
A little girl rejoices.
Her yellow dress shines
in the bright sunlight.

She takes a step,
with her dusky bare foot.
The cold water touched her.
With courage,
she took another step.

Before she knew,
she was running free,
as a wild horse.
Her black hair
softly flying behind.

Eventually, she sat down,
in the middle of a multicolored field.
Looking around at the
awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

Closing her big brown eyes,
she looked up
stretching her arms
as if embracing the sun.

She thought.
"Why can't time stop?"

She laid awake on her bed,
twenty years later
with her big brown eyes,
now filled with worry
still wondering the same question,
"Why can't time stop?"
This is the 100th poem I am posting on HP and I wanted it to be something special. This is the first poem I have ever written. I wrote it in grade 10 as an English assignment.

I also want to thank the HP community for being so kind and encouraging. I have never felt comfortable sharing my poetry with others but after all the support, I feel more confident in sharing.
Mansi Nov 2020
They don't need the latest technologies or toys

They need their parents' undivided attention
They need moments of uncontrollable laughter over something silly
They need to feel safe despite the chaos happening outside

They need beautiful memories with their family not with their devices
Mansi Nov 2020
I think some relationships are cyclical
Like going through the seasons

It's painful to drastically go from
summer to winter

Just as it is to go from being in your constant presence
To a rare phone call here and there

However just like summer returns
I'm sure we'll meet again
Mansi Nov 2020
Meeting a close friend
After an eternity feels so unreal

Your brain is trying to understand
That they are finally in front of you

But your heart knows
They never left you
Mansi Nov 2020
We need to stop
telling young children
that their worth comes
from the letters
on their report card

Too many children
are slowly
killing themselves
trying to measure up
to society's
unrealistic expectations
Mansi Nov 2020
I think everyone is being haunted
Maybe not by something supernatural
But something more sinister:
Missed opportunities
the choking sensation of their fear
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