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Dream Jul 17
Me: Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who's the strongest of them all?

Mirror: You. You run, chase, trip and fall yet you get back up after it all.
Satvik gupta Jul 17
Let the past be buried
The future be bright
Work passionately
To summon the light

Millions will come
Billions will  go
Studying hard
Will never let you go

Have faith in God
Just open the lock
Let the pigeons fly
Above the sky

Admiring how filthy your life is?
Do something that revives it.

Follow your heart
Build your desire
Act smart
Let yourself spread like fire
Maddie Rea May 6
New elements discovered, is it enough to motivate us to move into the other lane

Not ready to face this fight, different person different light

Just want to pass out waiting and watching, ready to take the last jump

It doesn’t matter what variable you give me I will always **** life up

What happened to my dreams, now they’re just lost in my memories

Full of anger, void of all the rest, I’m ready to see my rest
Manuel Mar 30
It's a hot spring day,
And my eyes met a sunray.
We exchanged very few words today.

Heat coming from her eyes,
Joy coming from my tries,
I aim to make a change.

It's not for the show,
When my head's always low,
I'm trying my best to swallow the sorrow.

Week after week,
What do I seek?
Something special and unique.

Meaning in the smiles,
And in the morning rise,
When our hearts make a beat at the same exact time.
But only in my own manner
Others might see it as selfless
But only in their own manner
It’s simple really
Selfish is just my own thing
It’s not meant to be much , but it still is
Gabriella Jan 26
I dumped my laundry
On the ground
Hoping it would allow me
To feel motivated

Motivated to move
To clean to work
But all it did
Was sit on my floor

I sat with it too
Staring at the pile.
Looking for the answers
Written in my shirts
Put down your podcasts, pause all your shows
You've gained all the info you can from the pros
While Oprah is smart, and Jordan is wise
The words that they share are but words, not the prize
You can't be successful, or all that you dream
If you can't overlook all opinions mainstream
Some people will curse you, while others cast doubt
To be all you can be, you've got to crank out
Ignore all the fluff, get down to the work
Rise above all the slime and the dark muddy murk
First set the intention and just go from there
Your mind is a blessing with thoughts rather rare
To be all you can be, there is no more try
The doers will do and the others will sigh
You're destined for more, now this much I know
Just put in the time and you'll reap what you sow
Kaumal borah Oct 2018
Yup!!everyone says that
I am insane...
But the reason behind it is  so silly
As I like the things others don't
I am termed insane!!!
If it's the reason
Then I will shout and say
I am insane
I just love this word insane!!!!!!
Just wanted to share what my mind said
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
Now, I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay,
God has you in His arms and I have you in my heart every single day,
Evert time, I stare at you when you're not looking,
Looking at you deeply with love, affection and everything.

I just think of you and I'm filled with my dreams,
Not even knowing your love fills all my schemes,
Emotions are overwhelming, my mind are full of arcane,
Playing the best song while staring through the windowpane.

Owls are singing from majestic trees under the moon so bright,
Gazing upon the blanket of stars in this cold starry night,
Over and over again, filling my every thought what is best and right,
You are exactly the poem I wanted to write.
Just inspired
Rozelle Javier Aug 2018
let's run away and never look back
this place isn't for us
it hurts me—
all these missed connections,
this guarded vulnerability

i never want to come back here
never again—
these memories i buried
keep coming back to haunt me
it hurts so much i can feel it in my bones

i don't want to listen to the wind
as it whispers all its secrets
i don't want to look at this familiar town
as it drips pain like honey
not anymore—

i want nothing to do with these
blood-soaked histories
let's run away—
leave everything behind
in this ****** town where everything hurts
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