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How esoteric?
No one could figure this out
Mysterious and puzzling
As situations come about
The people are speaking
But, there is lots of ambiguity
Unless we remove these clouds
No one will see clearly
When it falls will it make a sound?

I'm sure that we will hear.

Will it touch the ground?

I'm sure we'll see.

Does it matter in the slightest?

No, not in any great way.
it's all down to the laws of causality.
After all, it's just another tree.
One loss is only a loss,
if it leads to a multiplicity.

Who was it that took axe to bark?

We have no need to know

Why do the deed to bring the fall?

It does not matter; another will grow

will it just stay here to rot away?

No,We'll burn the wood to
be warmed in the cold of night.
To let us see and cook in it's light.
A wrong for our needs,
and our wants is always a right!
K Balachandran Jan 2016
Comes winter, walking on cat's paws
with the promises of a time different, again
Hail the **** ingeniousness of this cheat,
who arrives with a new guile year after year.

yet again I fall in to that ***** trap
winter cleverly sets for me with
her sweet nothings, falling ice flakes
and her characteristic ****** white attire,
I am seduced by her ****** virginal frolic,
snow soft murmurs that lengthen nights
hear her  orchestra distinct plays without fail,

From my neurons the winters past are  erased,
deeply in amour I am with her,my marrow tingles,
how do I still get entangled all over again,
in a dilemma, programmed to recur every year?

Each time this happens I'd say to myself:
"This is the last and final time this love happens
this cold uncaring cruel maiden's embrace!"
winter, beloved tantalizer,who loves to freeze me
and extract the last drop of love from me before she leaves.

Winter, I now understand,I too love your desires
that torment me all through your stay here, every year,
In your white, gilded resort,you keep me as a prisoner
where I am no different from others,in clinical white cloaks.
Invariably falls in love with her,winter
very well knowing that she is a cheat
but, then I can't do without awaiting her
year after year...a strange love affair
ㅡjatm Jul 2015
I can still remember the day
I made you read
The poetry that I wrote
And you said it was sweet

I can still remember the day
I said that you were so enigmatic
But I felt alleviated when
You said I was beautiful,
So does my poetry.

I can still remember the day
That you said I was platonic,
It was the same day
I've distance myself from you
It was the same day
I felt alone
It was the same day
When I left you
Just because you said,
I showed no romance.

I will remember this day
Where I write this poetry
As I ask myself,
Is this no romance?
Sadness thru poetry
Candy Noire Aug 2014
I find serenity in storms
The slams of doors make my heart race
And if you trace your finger's down my spine
I'll give you an earful
Of distasteful pleasure
I'll juxtapose any situation
For the most fun I can find
Oh I love being hard to read darling
I want you to open my closed eyes
And if you read me like a story
I will lie dear oh I'll lie
And cover up my deepest fears
And conceal everything I despise
I love to hate and hate to love
Those I regret most I crave
So lay me on the darkest train tracks
And pray that I will be safe.
Rick Warr Aug 2014
big moon
you transfix me with your gaze
you hold me in your eye
with your muted clarity
your simple mystery
your enigmatic answer
your reflective light
your seductive hypnotism
your soulful beam
you didn't tell me you were there
did you?
but I knew ..
because I can feel you
Raphael Uzor Jun 2014
Like a dreaded book
Covered in dust on my shelf
I'm yet to read you.*

© Raphael Uzor

— The End —