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ㅡjatm Jun 2019
She sees the ocean
In your beady eyes,
And she wonders
What you see in her.

She wonders if you know
How deep the sadness goes,
And how she carries it
Just beneath her skin.

She fears you'll walk away
When she leaves you with nothing,
But the bitterness and broken
Shattered pieces of her soul.

She is trying so hard to hold tight,
Just to keep herself sane and whole.

But then the time came
When you started,
Seeing all the things
She sees in herself.

And that was the most
Terrible thing for her,
Because she was aware
That you won't s t a y.

And she was right.

You l e f t her.
ㅡjatm Jan 2018
Every time I hear your voice,
The sky always voluntarily opens,
For it is raining different musical notes,
All over the vast universe,
Causing it to give birth,
To beautiful butterflies on my stomach,
And the moonlight complimented your every note,
Every inch of you.

Every time I hear your voice,
I entirely freeze,
Because there's lightness in your words,
As I place them into my heart,
And every day that you show me,
Another page in your journal,
I can’t help but fall for you,
Line by line.

Every time I hear your voice,
All the beautiful thoughts,
You also pin them to my heart,
Especially when you say my name,
That even in the rush of darkness,
You are still on my mind,
And sometimes I record your voice,
So that I could visit your words,
And dream all over again.

I fall apart and melt,
At the every syllable you speak—
And your voice is very enigmatic,
I contemplated,
Whether I was asleep.

But it is so real.
Bona Fide means real or genuine.
ㅡjatm Oct 2017
Last night,
She held the ocean's hand,
It was his warm hand,
So soft, giving and inviting,
Nothing like the mysterious depths
That she understands,
His tide was laced in her veins,
In every emotions and nerves,
For with his exhalation,
She was taken elsewhere,
And she wasn't frigthened
Of what lies beneath,
Because he has seen her face,
Even the mask she tried to hide.

Last night,
She cried and he kissed her lips,
Even if she was hundred percent water,
He drank her before she drowned,
In the warmest depths of her soul.

Last night,
He was the ocean,
That's meant to be crossed,
She understood that it is a palace of life,
That can save her from her own fate,
The waves were created inside his mind,
Guiding her effortlessly,
Out into the everlasting blue,
And she has reached her safest shore.

They were the waves of the ocean,
Going back and forth,
Crashing into one another,
Drifting ever closer.
ㅡjatm Sep 2017
And tonight we sit on a rooftop,
Sharing each other's beautiful soul,
Understanding the undivided silence,
As we fill the gaps with small laughter,
And I will watch your silhouette,
Slowly devour the moonlight,
While you tell me stories of places,
We have never been,
And I will watch your mouth,
Form words as you explain,
The universe to me.

You make me smile in a garden,
So you could watch all the flowers bloom,
I want to hold you tight,
And create our own gravity,
Darling, you are just so made for me.
ㅡjatm Aug 2017
The sun is rising so high and if she could,
She would plant sunflower seeds,
On every inch of her body,
So that one day,
She would become so beautiful,
Standing still with her strong petals,
Her face drinking in sunshine,
Through its rays of light,
Giving hope to everyone,
Especially with the way her eyes
Says hello when she smiles,
Completely clothed with passion and strength,
Laughing without fearing,
About what tomorrow may bring.

She also knows that one day,
Her stems will become soggy,
With fading leaves and falling seeds,
But the sun will silently tell her:
"Hold you down there my dear sunflower,
Please breathe because if that day comes,
You could be a dead flower for a bookmark,
For you can slowly glance up from the page,
And could still bring hope like you always do."

ㅡjatm Apr 2017
His heart belongs
to the sad-eyed girl
who knows her worth
but never asks for it,
who knows that sun will fall
no matter where she is;
the one whose music is only fit
for slow dancing,
the one who will hold him
like her favorite book
and never let go.

ㅡjatm Apr 2017
Your mind is a tunnel
that never ends
and I need to slip inside it
immerse myself for a while
for I may never know
what I might find there
but one thing I know for sure
one thing I already found out is..
about you being a writer
a poet
who has written on me
who has written a part of my life
and darling,
you have done it..
so beautifully.

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