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Hussein Dekmak Jun 2019
Celebrate your beauty by nourishing it with healthy habits for your mind, body, and soul.
Celebrate your bounties by being generous and giving back to the community.
Celebrate your intellect by allowing your talents to blossom and flourish.
Celebrate your friendships by being present for the difficult moments in life.
Celebrate nature’s beauty by caring for it as you would a loved one.
Celebrate your life by giving unconditional love to all of humanity,
And looking forward to the future while being fully present in the moment.

Hussein Dekmak

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Hussein Dekmak Dec 2019
For millions of years,
The sun has been shining,
It’s endless giving has made it even more beautiful!

For millions of years,
The moon has been radiating light, and it has only become more exquisite With giving!

Hussein Dekmak
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Hussein Dekmak Dec 2020
Your beautiful garment of kindness has been the talk of the twinkling Stars and the glorious moon.

Their chatter has awakened the sleepy sun, stirring up her curiosity, and Creating a fascination.

Your magnificent garment of kindness has touched  the planet's heart, and Made her bow with humility, reciting God’s sacred prayer!

Hussein Dekmak
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Hussein Dekmak Oct 2020
Gazing at you this morning, your face was pale and your body appeared Fragile;
This brought tears to my heart!

Not long ago, you were full of energy, looking vibrant with life; so Beautiful!
Your smile was soft, your scent was delightful.

Without you,
Life won't be the same;
Fall will be long, winters will be cold and empty!
You are my beacon of peace, love, and inspiration!

I will miss you,
Yet, I will be waiting for you
At the corner of love and hope, to see you bloom once again with such life.
Enchanting me with the joy and beauty you bring.
The chance to admire you will be absolute bliss!

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Nov 2018
The sacred rain has a secret to tell you;
Be the source that brings life into your place,
Be the fire that sparks positive change!

The melodious bird that sing at the crack of a new dawn has a secret to Tell you;
Embrace this song that is your life,
Embellish it with bright colors, sweet thoughts, and notes of bliss!

The brightness of the moonlight in the darkest night has a secret to tell You;
Let your inner beauty illuminate when facing the darkness of misfortune And calamity!
Let your light shine bright and touch others.

Every fiber of your being, every regenerated cell in your body has a secret To tell you;
Be a part of the movement towards awakened living,
Keep evolving with new ideas and creativity!

Hussein Dekmak
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Hussein Dekmak Sep 2019
Always Remember:
Hope comes after despair!
Cure after pain!
Smiles after tears!
Laughter after cries!
Health after sickness!

Love after hate!
Joy after sorrow!
Healing after forgiveness!
A newborn life after labor!
Eternal life after death!

Light after darkness!
Dawn after night!
Blue skies after storm!
Spring after winter!
Beautiful landscape after rain!

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2018
Life is about a soul,
Filled with tears and smiles,
Sadness and laughter,
Dreams and reality,
Health and sickness,
Happy song and sorrowful prayer!

Life is about a soul,
That fills its place with
A tsunami of excitement,
And touches every being,
Every object in the universe,
With the infectious virus of love!

Hussein Dekmak
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Hussein Dekmak Feb 2017
Give me hope!
Give me hope and I will show you my whole world,
I will happily lead you to my kingdom, take you along the hidden roads To the romantic moon and the dancing stars!

Give me hope!
Give me hope and I will share with you the sweet whispers of my angel,
Impart the secrets to a youthful life.

Give me hope!
Give me hope and I will sing to you
The eternal song of happiness and renewed promise,
I will grant you my best wishes, thoughts, and prayers.

Give me hope!
Give me hope and I will break down all my walls and let you sail straight Into my childish heart, my inquisitive mind, my magical dreams, and my Poetic words.
I will confidently show you my innocent smile, my boyish pranks, and Exchange with you my silent laughter.

Give me hope!
Give me hope and I will let you dive head first into the depths of the Ocean of my tears,
I'll let you bathe in the fountain of my joys and take you on the most Thrilling ride that is my life, where we can fly on the wings of my soul, go Beyond the blue sky, and gaze at the infinite beauty of our planet!

Give me hope!
Give me hope and I vow to pay it forward with unlimited hope, kindness, And innovation!
I will forever write you poems that come from the river of my sorrows And bliss!
Give me a chance, give me security, give me hope!

Hussein Dekmak

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Hussein Dekmak Sep 2018
I remodeled my home,
By ridding it of old furniture made of
Dark and malice thoughts,
And redecorated with thoughts of joy and inspiration.

I decorated the empty ceilings
With a full moon and some shining stars,
I took down the drapery that once covered the windows, and watched From my living room as the new dawn embraced the sunshine.

In my garden, I built a house for the melodious birds to warble their Songs, and constructed a temple for prayer from my tears and sorrows.
I planted an olive tree in memory of innocent souls, and decorated it with Some tulips, roses, and jasmine flowers for the anthem of love!

Hussein Dekmak
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Hussein Dekmak Dec 2018
A breathtaking creation,
So close in distance,
Yet so out of reach.
Millions of light years away,
Physically untouchable,
Yet fully embraceable with your heart!

Hussein Dekmak
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