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Meeting you was an accident,
You are the scar
I never want to heal from.
  Dec 2020 Monicarmen Carrera
Once when I was drunk
I held my hand to a flame
And it didn’t hurt
Take my hand and don’t let go
Won’t think of you when I wake up
You might be sleeping when I’m gone
Though you once had control of me with a twitch of your hand,
I’ve now cut the strings that tied your hand to my heart
A heart that loves

A heart that hates

A heart that’s been broken

A heart that’s been damaged

A heart that's been scarred

A heart that’s been scared

A heart that remembers

A heart that misses

A heart that shields

A heart that protects

A heart that’s fragile

A heart that’s brave

A heart that won’t stop loving

A heart that can’t stop bleeding
‪You’ll take us to the same places‬
‪You’ll sing us the same songs‬

‪To you they’re just disposable, ‬
‪To me it‘s something more‬
It = the meaning behind those things, the memories left behind them.

A person I dated turned out to be dating someone else at the same time and I found out we were both being taken on the same dates, the spots, the same exact pictures only with a different person in frame... even made us the same promises, that they didn’t even keep
‪Ever felt so emotionally drained that you just... can’t?‬

‪• can’t cry, ‬
‪•can’t sleep, ‬
‪•can’t think, ‬
‪•can’t focus, ‬
‪•can nothing.‬

‪You simply

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