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Ollie Oct 2020
My failure is my greatest success,
I build upon the failure,
And learn my success.

Don’t be a creator of my failure.
I will learn this failure.

Regret my success,
it will not contain you.

I appreciate the leverage,
don’t expect my regrets.

I will strive to always be above you.
I won’t stop for you.

Trust me when I say,
I will not stop.
Zack Ripley Jun 2020
I don't know what will happen
In the world of tomorrow.
So today, I'll do my best
With the time I've borrowed
Cj Feb 2020
You only live once
you only get one chance
to do what scares you
so ask him
take a chance
make the jump
you only get one chance
to do what you believe
to stand up
so use your voice
make it right
you only get one chance
to do what you love
to feel the fun
to create
so do it
you only get one chance
to be yourself
so be you
don’t let anyone say anything else
so be true
you only get one chance
to find them
so take the time
don’t let anything stop you
you have one chance
to do it all
so don’t waste time
tell them you love them
ask them the question
find the one
make what you want
be who you want
and live
Nylee Dec 2019
Do what your head tells you to
Before it tells you not to.
For the love of god, write.
Write like all hell.
Write as if your heart is on
Fire, and the only way to quell it is to
from your fingertips.
Your nerve-bitten nails &
****** ripped skin strips,
The papercut pains,
Have all been for this,
No sweeter burn,
No better hurt.
Write, **** you.
Nobody knows your story
As perfectly as you.
Bhill Sep 2019
As I neared my predetermined destination
The angst and wonderment took over my exhaustion
The climb was currently a very near memory
A memory, that seconds before, was a very physical and emotional demon
A demon that kept telling me ”You can't do this” ”You lack the discipline to go that route”
”Demon be-GONE” I repeated to myself
I can do this...!

Brian Hill - # 229
And I did
Bhill Jul 2019
You do have a choice, to make it your own
Do what you choose, you won't be alone
What do you think, when you think that you can
Is your thought, too hard, Or do you do it as planned
I say just do it, Don't be afraid
The fact that you did, could it leave you amazed?

Brian Hill - 2019 # 171
This is a rewrite from a poem I did a year ago...
Bhill Apr 2019
I can't do it all
Did you ask me to do it
I can't do it all

Brian Hill - 2019#96
Inspired by people who appear to be able to do it all..
Some people can literally do it all..
Honor the talent
Have them as friends...
floW Feb 2019
                                                             ­                                          we can't fly
                                                       ­                                 we can't be invisible
                                                 ­                                   we can't stop thinking
Do it.
                                                                ­               we don't live for eternity.
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
I texted my old friend,
To see if she wanted to meet.
She was happy to hear from me,
And she did want to meet.
So sometimes you need to scrape your courage together,
And just do it.
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