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Indigo Prince Jul 29
These are the
darker days
Highlights have turned
into grays
Teardrops stain my
Maybe I'm not
thinking straight

But I dont want to be here
My mind is digging deeper
This pit is inescapable
I'm falling down an endless hole.
Was crying in bed and couldnt figure out how to get **** out and here we are woops
Tim Garemore Feb 2019
I'm angry
or am I just filled with some hum
refusing to be reduced to the disgusting *** of the past two months, I ain't finished
sit down
and stick around
like these symptoms of depression stick on all around town
& at night
I get nothing done
and I'm lying to myself if I think that's faith, ***
I'm gonna do it or at the very least try

despite All the hits I've taken I survive
yeah, I want winter to die
I'm living it up like it's the afterlife
yeah, I feel nothing and a lot of it
now so it's time to do something because

I'm alive
and when I cry
It only serves as an opportunity to remind
me of it
so Don't count me out dude shove it

I'm not angry
Felt good to write this
It’s pathetic really, I know,
that I’d live off the scraps of you,
the hand-me-down, half cares and
“hullo’s” you’d throw while I scramble
for your neck in the dark, and ****
you for “just out of reach” and
mumbles under mountains of
day and dream, fervor-filled anthologies
built on your hands and the
consequent shadows cast.

I never got to taste you,
but I imagine it’s something
like 16 and gasoline. The question isn’t
what we really want. We want a
blood bath, the world in flames, but we
cry when the red doesn't come out
of the towels. It's just who we are.
ri Jul 2016
the city is dark, dreary, and dismal
there's no escape from the seemingly never ending cycle
of vicious men committing acts so brutal
every day it gets more abysmal

the sun doesn't shine much like it used to
clouds of hatred and malcontent overcasting it’s rays
fear and anger cloud the skies
an uncontrollable rain is soon to break through

but sometimes a light breaks through the night
pure and bright and keeping you safe
arms wrap around you and hold you close
maybe you could win this fight.
Rae Harrison Mar 2015
Neither of us were fine
Because I was chasing after him
And he was a few steps ahead of mine
Running in the same direction, same line, that was his only sign
Same pace, same time
His movements matched mine
He intended to leave and i'd stay behind
I never caught up
No, not in this life
rook Feb 2015
something i wonder if he sees
in anything
i hate him
for the fact that he seemingly sees none
in me.

in exactly the flavor i appreciate
because  someone has to
i hate him, because the people i know best do not know how
to appreciate it.

in a way that seems too straightforward
i hate him
as i observe him saying the words that
i won't.

something others do not see much of
in him
i hate him
for the fact that the ones close to me also
hate him.
i'm really gay but
Frank Ruland Jan 2015
Out with the old--
in with the new
Could I be so bold,
as to spoil what you knew?

Nothing goes away,
it just gets churned around
Night gives way to a dark new day,
and death is birthed from a deafening sound

It was a hard, Twelve Month March,
and we walked right off the edge
Into the mouth of Hell's forge,
where we made an amnestic pledge
Not 100% sure where I'm going with this.
coyote Dec 2014
you made me
stronger for
the next boy:

but god,
how i was
only working
for you.

i wanted
it to be you
so bad.

i still
Always Ally Jul 2014
If I close my eyes you're here

But I'm not real

But you're here and you're alive
You're breathing

But I'm not real, I'm not alive

But touching you feels real
Your hands, so soft
I remember them being soft

Don't you understand
This isn't really me
I'm gone

I don't understand anything
You're here and why can't that be okay

Because I'm not really here
it's not okay for you to go on this way
You must let go

I tried and isn't that worth something
Can't I be allowed this moment of bliss with you

I'm not real
This isn't real
Let go Milo, let go
I'm dead and you must let go

I'll never let go
You're gone but my love will never leave
Forever is a simple thing
Death isn't an easy thing, When you lose somebody, it takes its toll on everyone. Some people react differently and have different ways of coping.

— The End —