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i was gifted upon our meeting

with a necklace of crystal tears

that her amber eyes had shed

while waiting her life for me

strung upon the silk of her love

she placed it around my neck

and with a kiss and a smile

we were off on our journey

two wild souls falling in love

running thru our possibilities

in the calm twilight of our life
rise within our hearts gentle beast
come prowl our emotions seeking
the pathway of glowing embers
as our hands unlatch the gateway
fingers caress the bristling feral pelt
beckoning our primal spirit, enter --
we, with soft whispers of adoration
linger in vespers of tender passion
crepuscular affections awakened
the gentle beast senses our hunger
your breath becoming my breath
conjoined rhythm of heartbeats
striking the hearth of our desires
firing love's impassioned forge
our vespers evolve as divine howls
the beast feeds ravenously tonight
more than mystic visions
hearts beating in unison
breaths shared as one
our thoughts so entwined
we know before our knowing
our bodies bound by
a single sacred soul
we speak the unspoken
scripture of our love
walking the pristine path
meant for only you and me
our world, our very own
knitted without seam or stitch
a dance that is unscripted
the steps we so intuit
the tempo never wavers
the sweetest song unscored
we blend in tremulous harmony
two, becoming so joined
closer than the paper and ink
of our poetic testaments
pages as uncountable as
the grains of sand on the beach
as innumerable as
the stars that grace our skies
by destiny we are consigned
i am yours and you are mine
The sensuous nature of foreplay
as fingertips prep the ingredients
and then the undulating pleasures
of stirring them seductively together
bringing them to an alluring simmer
the gradual bloom of ****** fragrance
the sultry whispers and sighs
that hint at the coming ******
the consummation of flavors
released upon our eager tongues
Inspired by South City Lady's sensual poem "Spaghetti Sauce"
She tastes the salt
Of the seven seas
In my unbound happiness
a resonance in the atmosphere so sublime
moving me, as the moon subtly moves the tides
blown and buffeted about by the winds of time
i find myself on the pristine shores of her sea

the sweetest siren's song sung across the universe
laced with angel's breath, hued with devil's sighs
by instinct, i become the bee to her flower's nectar
the moth to her flame, the harmony to her melody

she is in silent similitude with my searching soul
wiping the darkness from the corners of my eyes
kissing my dreams alive with her holiest kisses
making me see the man that i shall come to be

catching raindrops upon her velvet tongue
to speak the loveliest of poetry within my soul
lifting me above the clouds upon her wings
she calls my love the zephyrs upon which she flies

always beside me, never before nor behind
i can feel her presence, warm upon my skin
teasing tendrils of my affection to entwine
tenderly binding her heart in floral vines of love
similitude: the quality or state of being similar to something.
It's our story, baby-doll.  You and me.
from dreams drenched in an ****** downpour
i woke to deep echoes of last night's thunder
rumbling over my sweat-soaked nakedness
my memory confessing an alabaster goddess
adorned in only creamy caramel tan lines
highlighted in the soft glow of a sultry moon
rising above me in her statuesque sensuality
deftly claiming me with equestrian prowess

our gaze, unbroken, blazed with fiery passion
the universe churned in deep undulations
oh love, be with me nigh into forever
let us burn into the night, seething together
drinking from each other's creamy potion
we locked ourselves in each other's embrace
becoming lost within love's kaleidoscope

our bodies seized by divine spasms
we shared our warm and blissful release
collapsing, sweetly spent, into each other
endearments whispered upon panting breaths
our delightful fury now subdued with softness
tingling skin adorned with tender kisses
fingertips caressing each other into slumber

and now, awakened in the soft blush of dawn
i find myself still in your sacred embrace
your eyes open, you softly whisper my name
i sense the approach of another distant storm
rumbling over my sweat-soaked nakedness
Keeping the chain going with a love poem inspired by the following wonderful poems:

M-E: Love Knot

BLT: Sleep, My Love.

South City Lady: Night's Sweet Seduction

Angelique: Love, Where Did She Go
There is nowhere I go
There is nothing I do
That I do not carry
The scent of you
more than air

among these stones

long I've waited

words that i honor

her circumstances

now in my eyes

long awaited

no longer

With you in tranquil repose
   diamond stars coalescing
   within our love-scented skies
The cadence of distant thunder
   echoes over our vulnerability
   revealing to our hearts in light
   what darkness hides from our eyes
Our love, manifest in heat
   burning blue-hot within
   as a newborn infantile sun
   stirring sensations upon us
   our unspoken secret lexicon
   breaching  heart to heart
   the intensity of the moment
You run rampant within me
   through this mystic serenity
   hair unfurled teasing my limbs
   staking your claim while
   making your indelible mark
   securing all that I am
   belonging to only you
Fingers clasped, sacred bond
   we open ourselves with trust
   energy flows in gentle streams
   quietly filling the empty spaces
   that life has excavated
   we surrender to the love
   that we have been given
   that nourishes and sustains
   this adoration for each other
Nature attests to what we are
   joining in our tranquil tantra
My inspired response to
“Tranquil Tantra” written by South City Lady
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