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Ricardo Jul 2018
Maybe i got to much spice for yah
Or you just ain't a fan of spicy food
Not sure why your starving me
There are plenty of spices too choose
You got me on that mood
I dont wanna be fighting you
Never wanted to, but you digging in
Was too low from you
Somebody else has dirter hands in all this
Who finally stepped up to take care of you
Its just perfect all at my expense
Wouldn't want it any other way
Maybe it was my mistake.
What are you going to do?
If your counting now
Start count with the people close to you
Figure out which one helped you.
But whats the past
I'm just following the future
That's something you knew from day one
Didn't you?

Where are you?
Wanderer Jul 2018
The disappointment of your own mistakes
Is greater than any let down from a friend
It is a cruel reminder that sometimes
you aren't capable of accomplishing
everything you set out to do
and that sometimes its yourself that gets in the way
and the worst part is you have no one to blame
an0nym0us Apr 2018
Time flies by
Forgetting you is a lie
Befriending you, I was too shy
I never had a chance to even say hi.

I can't deny, I do miss you
But the time I had was too few,
In order to get close to you,
All I can do is stare at you.

Poems I wrote about you are meaningless
Thinking about you is pointless
Even wishing to speak to you is useless
Because I know its impossible, not because I'm faithless.

Such bad luck
Confidence I lack
Here's a fun fact
Not even in friendzone, I am stuck.

Well, I can't bring back time
Now it all ryhme
To me its just fine
I never wished for you to be mine.

I fake my smiles
My distance to you are thousand miles
I Allways act like I'm fine
Because I never crossed the line.

This is going to be my last
I'll just say this fast
I may never gain your trust
To my heart, you are free at last.
The harder my grip, the more pain I'll feel...
But if I let go, time will fly and my wounds will heal...
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Look at me now
I feel so down
I lost my crown
I just wish I'm gone.

All because off a promise
That has been spoken
But forgotten and broken
Now my smile have been taken.

Mind thinks of lies
Lips does fake smiles
But behind your backs I try,
To wipe the tears when I cry.

Try to look deeper,
Deep inside is warmer
And there tears are greater
Everyday I'm getting lonelier.

Oh poor me,
Weak and lonely.
Can you blame me?
If sadness is all I see....

Here I am speaking to you,
Right after you left me out of the blue.
You left me without a clue,
Only here missing you.
an0nym0us Feb 2018
An angel, fair and pure
Who's heart is fragile and unsecured
Stolen and hurt with no cure
Wounded with hidden clue.

Great pain and sorrow
But tears doesn't follow
Nothing is inside her, a hollow
Now her past follows.

All because of a man
Who she loved and obeyed every command
Gifted him happiness that lasts
Left her with her heart in his hand.

How rude, how unfair
But I give you a dare
Give her eyes a good stare
Then tell me if you ever care...

You can say "how ungrateful he can be?!"
But I tell you, how blind can you be??
If you can't see,
Till this time you read me.
jas Apr 2018
I've been
like a disappointment

what can i do?

..if im not enough for you

i try so hard,
to be happy and gracefully
but it never seems to work out

im failing fast

any moment and im drowning

sometimes i just wanna die
sometimes i ask myself why do i try?
if im not enough
than it must be pointless
to find reasons to go on..

what a disappointment
Deep Sangani Mar 2018
When you said,
"You're the strongest person I've ever known"
I didn't understand.

When you said,
"You can go through a lot and still smile"
I didn't understand

And when you said,
"You can feel pain and agony and still stand up"
I didn't understand.

So you held my heart
and twisted it.

You threw away
all I loved,
broke them into pieces,
and never managed to pick them up.

You broke silence
with blood.
that I now convert to

like you said,
I smiled through it all.
I didn't want to disappoint you.
I don't blame you.
gina Mar 2018
I had to meet you to learn to apreciate myself
I had to meet you to see how it feels to be loved,
I had to meet you to see how it feels to be truly in love,
I had to meet you to understand what keeps me away from being myself,
I had to meet you to see how easy it is to lose yourself if you let them to put a spell on you,
I had to meet you to see what a huge mistake is to trust someone's words,
I had to meet you to understand how easy it is for others to pretend being in love
I had to meet you to accept myself,
And lose myself once you've gone.
opi Mar 2018
even in a sea full of mistakes
that i made,
you'd dive to save my drown self.


i don't deserve that big love
of yours.
Matt Walls Dec 2017
I once bought a box sight unseen
Off a user by a the name of 'The Queen'
I received the next day
For a pittance of pay
An item from someone quite mean

The box I opened up with delight
Inside it sure gave me a fright
It popped out straight away
I then cursed all of E bay
As I searched in the hay that was light

I found a small box of a phone
Excited, I ran off alone
Inspections were fast
But the fun did not last
For inside all I got was a stone
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