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There will always be someone
Someone who will never believe in you
Who will choose to side others
Than to see what is right
I want to run away
And fall in love with myself
Have you felt it before?
The urge to just disapear
Be gone forever
Coz I did everyday
Run from all of this
Too tired of everything
Maybe they won't feel it
If I'm gone
Coz I have no worth
I'm just nothing
Here I am again
Ringing in the ears
Food tastes nothing
Being sad for no reasons
Please someone
Someone can make it stop
Coz I'm starting to get crazy
You'll get hurt and disappointed too much
That's what you get when you care too much
When you expected too much
All have diffrent problems
All struggle everyday
You can't make other people be like you
To think and do things like you do
Mama told me that
To just accept and respect them
Leave them all to God
To not stress out myself
I told myself
No matter how bad things get
Don't do something against God's will
No matter how bad a person treat you
Don't go down to their level
It doesn't define who you are but who they are

Life's too short
Spend it wisely my dear
Spread more love
Forgive and forget
Be positive
and always smile
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