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Kimmie 5d
It's has been a hell of a ride
Goes a lot of downshift
Love ones bid forever goodbyes
Had to let go of things I wanna stay
Accident that almost took my life
Never ending stress and anxieties
Nightmare after nightmares
Hell no you can't make it they said
But here I am...
Hell yeah still fighting
Kimmie Mar 15
I lost you for my selfishness
I did my best is what's on my mind
But I guess it's never enough
I should've been more patient

Now I'm trying to win you back
But I think it's already too late
Coz I hurt you already a lot
And you didn't reply back
If you love him. Stay.
Don't be selfish, everybody is dealing with their own sh*ts.
Kimmie Mar 15
You were there when I need you
I gave up when you need me
One of my greatest regret.
I was so selfish. I'm sorry.
Kimmie Mar 14
Craving for the perfect one
Whose words match with his action
will give his full affection
The one who will never run

You keep on searching so hard
Looking for your perfect lad
Someone who'll not make you sad
and will shower you with love

I have to tell you something
For once, can you stop seeking?
And start to be that someone
One you call the "perfect one"
Be the perfect one while waiting for the perfect one.
Does it makes sense? Yes!
Kimmie Aug 2020
Last night got no sleep
Just rolling in my sheets
The mind is shouting
And heart is pounding
In my dreams you're always there
But why with that other girl
Scared of sleeping
As well as waking
Oh what will I do?
If in sleeping and waking
Scenario is just the same.
Kimmie Jul 2020
I was thinking
Thinking what did I do wrong
Wrong that you suddenly left
Left without saying goodbye

And then I remember that
That I am more than enough
Enough not to beg you comeback
Comeback to leave again
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