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Beckie Davies Oct 28
I haven't been able to recognise myself for a long time

The mirror is no longer my friend as I got tired of looking at a stranger

Today I looked in the mirror and I finally recognised my reflection

I recognised myself but My God, I did not like what I saw

I wish I could go back in time and be who I was before
i didn't know myself
Keiri Aug 2019
Everybody tells you from the moment you're born.
When you grow up, do what you're best at.
But honestly, I could've sworn.
That I never intended to be a brat.

Everybody tells you to keep your dreams real.
To not expect fairytales to be true.
So I always made it a big deal.
To push my dream and pull me through.

Everybody tells you to live your dream.
The bodies I walked over.
Even though I heard them scream.
I closed my ears, I wasn't sober.

Everybody tells you to believe in what you can do.
But what fruits could I ever bring?
What have I ever done for you?
All I could ever be is dissapointing.
I am only a dissapointment :/

— The End —