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Sky Mar 2020
This scary thing I cannot see
The worry is inside of me
Despite the panic all around
From this big mess we will come out
There's no escape, no where to go
The best thing is, to stay at home
When head goes crazy, take a walk
Call someone close and make small talk
If you're as sensitive as me
Check up on updates once daly
We need to know what's going on
But mind your soul, try to stay strong
Sky Feb 2020
Pushing your opinions on others
To you, that's all that matters.
You wanted to be heard,
I gave you a chance to prove your point.
Every word that I say,
You manage to twist your own way.
How rotten a person must be,
To weaponise words said by me.
Trying to hurt me, thriving on anger
I did not satisfy your hunger.
Told you "Enough"
I need non of this "Drama"
I'm not here to heal your old trauma.
For mistakes that I made I paid up plenty,
The action you took for me is just petty.
Prove your point to someone else,
I'm done dealing with this mess.
#pointless #selfish
Sky Dec 2019
Old habbits die hard
There are thoughts on my mind
One thing I need to learn
Is the power of control
To lose oneself in someone else
Used to make a lot of sence
I never felt this way before
To be locked out will work no more
I have the key to my own soul
Picked up the pieces on my own
Back in touch with my emotions lately
Faced my fears, no need to save me.
Sky Nov 2019
I was warned
I did not listen
I was told
To keep my distance
Not to trust him
I ignored it
And now I know
I am alone
Sky Oct 2019
What shade is my soul
I don't really know.
Sometimes it's dark,
Sometimes it's bright.
Just like the year
Has it's four seasons,
My soul changes shades
For no real good reason.
Just like a dog
That has been abused,
When you are near me
My soul's not amused.
I'll stay away,
You'll do the same.
You no more care,
My soul's shade is grey.
Sky Oct 2019
We had big plans
You loved me once
I loved you too
I thought you knew
It went away
I chose to stay
Until you chose
Gave up, I froze
I see a dream
You're nowhere to be seen
Your dad is there
He was a friend
Momo's there too
I miss them both but you
Who knew I cared
I think I'm scared
I had a family briefly
Thank you for sharing them with me
Sky Oct 2019
You say a word
And I ignore it,
Your fake "Hello"
I want no more.
I need my space
You to erase.
Things changed,
You faded.
I stayed
And waited.
Cared for you,
How much, you knew.
I'm done,
Be gone.
You're just a shell,
My walking hell.
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