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Sky Oct 2019
I was so sad
But now I'm mad
There's nothing that can change that,
This time last year
I held you near
And now I'm staying clear,
Too near, too close
Everytime we touched I froze
By the end of that we lost our clothes,
There was no promise of your heart
I got too close, forgot that part
We didn't want to be apart,
I told you how I felt one day,
You told me that you felt the same
From then it all went up in flame,
You held my face
I felt your grace
"You are enough" you told me,
Looked in my eyes
Kissed me so lightly
The world just stopped around me,
You could chose us
Since then you've hurt me more than once
The choice you made just showed your lies,
It's like I'm looking at you through the glass
Don't know how much time will need to pass
For us to be ok at last,
Don't think we'll be ok at all
You've added to my ******* hole
By chosing her to call your home.
Nina Jul 2019
I keep you safe in my heart
A special place that no one can replace
But I was a fool
To think you'd do the same for me
When you had someone else
In that special place of yours
October Dec 2018
It's not a fairy-tale
It's just love, you and me
Learning to give
Learning to be
Don't get me wrong, your love
It's true
And deep
And Strong
But it's not a fairy-tale
It never will be
Not like it was with him and me
But a smolder still creates heat
It's not a fairy-tale
But it's not defeat
lib Nov 2017
i fear that the beauty you see in me
will fade
as soon as you see me undressed
i fear that our forever
won’t be as long as you promised
once you get a taste of my lips
and i blame myself
for not being enough for you
when in reality
i am full
and you are empty
you try and empty me
in order
to fill yourself
i beg you
don’t empty me
Ma Cherie Nov 2016
I'm not your curvy woman,
& you're not my handsome beau,
I am not your willful wife,
not a naive Bambi doe,

I'm your favorite hippy chick,
but to you,
I'm just a girl,
I'm not your shiny fiancé,
or your lovely lil' pearl,

I'm not your special lady,
just a pretty gal,
you sometimes call,
I'm just a familiar pal,
to catch you if you fall,

If you want a special lover,
don't call me just a friend,
I'll be there for most anything,
on this you can depend,

I've kissed too many frogs,
I wished too many stars,
I was left behind too much,
it left some open scars,

I'd gladly play this game,
with any other boy,
I want to be "the one" with you
not just a **** toy,

Well maybe stupid cupid,
got careless with his aim,
he hit the wrong target,
either way,
it's  such a shame,

I'd really feel much better,
if someone were to blame,

I wanted to be your everything,
to stay,
no matter what,
this is worse than anything,
  another bleeding cut,

I'd hold you every night,
I'd like to be your lover,
I wanna be with you,
not only under cover,

I love you more than anyone,
that I have ever known,
I thought you would have seen this,
that this,
I would have shown,
  like every tiny seed,
that I have ever sown,

I held my hands with highest hopes,
this time it might have grown,
I wish I could have stayed,
but that seed again,
has flown,
taken away,
gone again,
I'm blown,

My heart is,
just like anything,
it's not something I can own.

Cherie Nolan © 2016
Not about anyone in particular, this is a poem of reflecting past & others. Idk?  Thoughts truly appreciated : ) ❤
  Hope you are all well many hugs & thanks. Still dealing & surviving- this hectic life, much deep loss, political catastrophe & bracing for Winter's bone here. - Peace - ❤ Vermont
I'm not the one you're looking for
Please stop
Just stop
Don't even try
It's disgusting
You're so pathetic
Don't even start
Please go
Just go
I'm not the one you're looking for
Don't force the issue.
Brianne Rose Feb 2015
"Why won't you be with me?", a girl asked.
"Because it is not in my destiny.", replied a boy
"What do you mean, that is is not in your destiny, to be with me?", retorted the girl, angrily.
"It is not in my Destiny, because I am not the one that is right for you.",The boy calmly replied.
"But I...But I love you!", Cried the girl.
"Angel From Above, There is someone out there that is perfect for you, sadly that one is not me."
"But..If you go...I'll...I'll die without you!"
"Angel, Do you see that moon, up there in the sky?"
"That moon, everyday the sun leaves the moon to sit all alone up there in the sky. But yet...up there, every night. It does not die.If I where to leave you, you most certainly wouldn't die."
"But I love you, or is what we had...Or was it all a lie!?"
" It was not a lie. However, Just because I am not THE one for you, Doesn't mean that you should ever forget, That I was your FIRST one."
Idea created late last night as I fell asleep. Couldn't remember what I had originally thought, but I did the best I could.
Criticism Welcome
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