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Sky Oct 2019
I'm lying here, my thoughts are scary
The lessons had I want to bury
Not one but two the same mistakes
I dove in deep, now what a mess
I do not wish to change the past
The things I said, I feel embarrassed
Layed out my feelings out to you
Rejection stabbed my heart right through
You said you care, that's ******* really
The way you let me go so freely
Embrasing love you have for her
Until the day she'll want you gone
When that day comes, I'll be no more
I won't know what she has done
Plans don't work out the way we want
I hope that you just don't get hurt
Because of fear of leaving her
You tell yourself you love her more
That things'll get better, she'll keep a job
If not, you'll move to another land
And that's your life plan, baby her
So stick with that, I've shut my door
I can't escape, we work together
I'm sure that I won't last in there forever
The beauty is, I'll learn to cope
You've pulled away, there is no hope
The lies you told, that shattered me
I do not trust you, stay away from me
Maybe one day she'll know what happened
But you'll tell her, I never mattered
She'll never know you loved me once
And saw our future in advance
I told you how compatible we are
But I was wrong, we're not by far
Don't call me friend, we're way past that
Damage control you're trying won't last
I do forgive you but all you'll see now
Is a fake smile on me, in my eyes you fell down
Got myself into this mess and now I'm stuck
Farewell my dear friend, we really ****** up
Sky Oct 2019
I was so sad
But now I'm mad
There's nothing that can change that,
This time last year
I held you near
And now I'm staying clear,
Too near, too close
Everytime we touched I froze
By the end of that we lost our clothes,
There was no promise of your heart
I got too close, forgot that part
We didn't want to be apart,
I told you how I felt one day,
You told me that you felt the same
From then it all went up in flame,
You held my face
I felt your grace
"You are enough" you told me,
Looked in my eyes
Kissed me so lightly
The world just stopped around me,
You could chose us
Since then you've hurt me more than once
The choice you made just showed your lies,
It's like I'm looking at you through the glass
Don't know how much time will need to pass
For us to be ok at last,
Don't think we'll be ok at all
You've added to my ******* hole
By chosing her to call your home.
Kaede Mar 2018
My mind wanders,
Still, he is in it.
My heart race faster,
His name is shouted
Beat by beat

And just like any other nights
I am missing him, still.
When morning comes,
He is the kind of hope
I wanna steal.
No one deserves less. But I don't that works in love.
Matt Jul 2015
I am Miss Kendra
The **** tease

And with my hands
I aim to please

I'll squeeze your ****
Just for fun

I'll even let you
Rub your *****
Against my ***

In the park
I blew
A studly guy
Just for fun

But never
Do I allow
Men to ***!

They groan and moan
Until their ***** ache

But letting them ******?
No, "For goodness sake!"
No spurting of cream
Will be allowed

I am a tease queen
And I humbly take a bow

— The End —