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Tori Nov 2018
I can't think, I can't think
go away I can't think
go away I can't think
I've been driven to the brink
Wrap your arms round me so
Now just go! Now just go!
Lead me on with your words
Empty words! Empty heart!
First you're warm then you're hard
Go away! Go away! I can't think!
lullabies Jun 2018
Aku telah belajar banyak dari sunyi. Bagaimana menyimpan sendiri hal - hal yang orang lain susah mengerti. Kau boleh berfikir aku penuh teka teki, tetapi memang itulah satu - satunya cara agar ketika aku kecewa, aku tidak akan menyalahkan siapa - siapa.
dipersembahkan untuk diriku sendiri
Iska Nov 2017
My dearest mother

do you see it?
that's the space put between us,
filled with unspoken words and heartache.

can you hear it?
that's the defining silence,
filled with quiet disappointment and shattered dreams,
because I'm not the girl you hoped I'd be...
Nada Syafira Sep 2017
It's 02.20 am in the morning
Let me just sit in
And take all that in
Every words
Every sentence
Has life been way too ******* me?
Oh i thought i was powerful
Or maybe i was wrong?
Is it just an illusion i have on my head?
Because truth is,
i can't handle any of this
As i wish i could
So i keep on thinking i can
I keep on dreaming i could
I constantly wondering if i would
Endure all the pain
By myself,
Take the suffering away from others
And burn it inside my flesh
But i can't! Can i?
The illusion of me, is there
But i am not capable of doing any
For better things
My heart does ache
My body gets weary
And no one will ever see it
People are too blinded
By their own thinking
By their own mindset
By their own perception
Including me
We are fooled by ourselves
It is proven by the theory
That our thinking
Is pretty much shaped
By our own desire
And i'm telling you it's good
You gotta put yourself first
You need to do things that satisfy yourself
But remember,
Other people exist too
And respect is much needed.
sophia sacal Sep 2017
I guess it really was my fault;
For I did not ask you to stay.
Not even when you left the door ajar,
As if waiting for me to run after you.

But it was you who had to run after me, my dear.
Not me.
Not me.
Sam Jun 2017
I always told you I would bleed for you. Still, I never thought that you would be the one to stick the dagger through my lung. I guess in a way, you took my breath away.
Its like learning to fly you know?
To admire a person with all of his flaws and things
To read every single ******* act that he does
You were just happy but also, afraid
Afraid of falling too down
Worrying heart of who isnt ready
Isnt steady
To know him
You were just about to admiring someone who isnt ready to fall with you
That means you fall for yourself
Thats even worse
Cause its allright to fall but both not one.
Cause its alright that u have much feelings for someone who did the same to you
And i wasnt afraid before
Before you.
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