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LemonWater Feb 11
The worst thing when you know what you need
Is when your needs are not met
And you know you have to leave
But you tell yourself "Not yet".
Then you hope they will change,
But you know that's not fair.
You can't ask them to do that
When you can't do it yourself.
Now you cry in the dark
And you're lonely and scared.
"What if there's no one there?"
"What if no one here cares?"
Now you have an eternity
To live by yourself
And they say: "You'll be free!",
But is it freedom?
Or hell?
I don't know.
SquidInk Nov 2020
you broke it
you broke your promise just like you broke my trust
im tired of trying and hoping that you will change
you broke it
i find it funny that you think im the one being selfish
i continue to trust you
as you take more and more advantage of that
it hurts that im losing you to something like this
i put my faith and trust into you
i feel like you wasted my time
you wasted my energy
because i used it to try and help you change
there's obviously no change
you told me again just today that you've changed
but as time passes i find out more and more how you haven't
in fact, you've gotten worse
i hate getting yelled at for confronting you
i hate that you confide in my sister for advice
i hate that you make the choices that you do
i hate that you hurt me more and more every day
i hate that you think that its okay
i hate that i haven't given up yet
i hate that i push people i love away to be with you
i hate what you're turning me into
i hate the names that you call me
you say that you were just joking, but it actually hurts
i hate the new things you have tell me every day
because 9 out of 10 times they're bad
i hate that i hate so much about you
i hate that i feel anything but love and enjoyment towards you
i used to worship you
i used to think that nobody was more perfect for me
you wonder why i haven't worked to get ungrounded
its because being grounded gives me an excuse
an excuse to say no to parties and bad ideas that you have
its so much easier to say that im grounded rather than i don't want to
im sorry that i feel this way
im sorry that i tried to fix what was going on with you
i should've recognized that it was "none of my business"
so here's to me being sorry for caring<3
all i have to say
Tori Nov 2018
I can't think, I can't think
go away I can't think
go away I can't think
I've been driven to the brink
Wrap your arms round me so
Now just go! Now just go!
Lead me on with your words
Empty words! Empty heart!
First you're warm then you're hard
Go away! Go away! I can't think!
lullabies Jun 2018
Aku telah belajar banyak dari sunyi. Bagaimana menyimpan sendiri hal - hal yang orang lain susah mengerti. Kau boleh berfikir aku penuh teka teki, tetapi memang itulah satu - satunya cara agar ketika aku kecewa, aku tidak akan menyalahkan siapa - siapa.
dipersembahkan untuk diriku sendiri
Iska Nov 2017
My dearest mother

do you see it?
that's the space put between us,
filled with unspoken words and heartache.

can you hear it?
that's the defining silence,
filled with quiet disappointment and shattered dreams,
because I'm not the girl you hoped I'd be...
Nada Syafira Sep 2017
It's 02.20 am in the morning
Let me just sit in
And take all that in
Every words
Every sentence
Has life been way too ******* me?
Oh i thought i was powerful
Or maybe i was wrong?
Is it just an illusion i have on my head?
Because truth is,
i can't handle any of this
As i wish i could
So i keep on thinking i can
I keep on dreaming i could
I constantly wondering if i would
Endure all the pain
By myself,
Take the suffering away from others
And burn it inside my flesh
But i can't! Can i?
The illusion of me, is there
But i am not capable of doing any
For better things
My heart does ache
My body gets weary
And no one will ever see it
People are too blinded
By their own thinking
By their own mindset
By their own perception
Including me
We are fooled by ourselves
It is proven by the theory
That our thinking
Is pretty much shaped
By our own desire
And i'm telling you it's good
You gotta put yourself first
You need to do things that satisfy yourself
But remember,
Other people exist too
And respect is much needed.
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