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Bekah Halle Dec 2023
See the world distinctly?
A kaleidoscope of memories?
Or lucidly look differently?
A beggar, or free from the constraints of Western reality?
New eyes take in all perspectives: perceptions,
Compelling new experiences: horizons.
Releasing shame; distorted distractions.
Embracing imperfections, peccadillos,
Layers of realities,
Depths, and
Anais Vionet Jun 2022
Another night of dreams,
one after another, flickering half images
echo real events but bare my heart.

I try on new realities,
like dazzling garments or popup stores
of evanescent wants I may not admit to myself.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: evanescent: something that vanishes quickly like a vapor
Anais Vionet Oct 2021
Fabled America is slipping away,
surely you’ve felt it, like wind knocking
a weather vane in another direction.
At some unnoticed moment
we decided to ignore realities
as a man intent on drowning himself
plows heedlessly through the waves.
let’s pretend we have no problems - lets be children again
John McCafferty Aug 2021
Fate that's placed can often fade
as not all future states of intent are set.
The red direction changes status
with which short term paths to step ahead,
when we seek highs but lows commence.

A complex collective mix and match
of varied voices within each pack.
Try to listen softly as your intuition leads,
as ego driven voids a balanced clarity.
Are we lost in the broth life serves us,
between the choice of salt or sweet.

Drawn towards distant points imagined
through our lost and found realities.
Find space in time to recuperate,
when you let the mind wander and lust,
remembering we're here to master masts.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Dr K S Bhardwaj Mar 2021

Those Who Fear Death,
They Too After All Die,
Those Never Fear Death,
They Too After All Die,

But Great Difference Is
In The Death Of Both,
One Dies Like A Jackal,
Other Dies Like A Moth.
One must not fear death. That is other side of life. Optimism provides happiness to life. Death also do the same by giving another fresh lfe.
Graff1980 Feb 2021
There’s a multitude
of other dudes,
who look like me
but do not do
the exact same thing
or have a matching

played out in
lyrical fashion,
as I sit napping.
I hear them yapping
passing something
as strange beings
from different realities.

It’s not mimicry,
or fancy imagery
that I see
but endless possibilities
of what ifs
that will never be.

An athlete,
teacher, painter,
preacher, dancer,
fittest novelist,
world traveler
who volunteers
to help the suffering.

Such strange daydreams
that sometimes even leans
towards more fantastic things,
like a superhero or an
eager young
training cadet
trying to be
in Starfleet
on Star Trek,
trying to make
first contact,
and get to spaces
we haven’t even
imagined yet.

Of all the alternate
that float out and in
by miles, light years
or even mere inches,

the one that never fails
to stir my strange inner self,
is the one where I get my wish
meeting that finest fairytale figure,
that most beautiful myth.

Looking in the eyes of my
truest companion
after struggling for so long to find them,
and finally settling down with
my soulmate.
Anais Vionet Jan 2021
(a sonnet)

Two realities, both alike in dignity,
In fair America, where we lay our scene,
There fallacious grudges explode into mutiny,
and lawful-blood makes patriot-hands unclean.

From common bonds these neighborly foes,
sail contrary seas of truth; on which they stake their lives.
Some, stoked for misadventure, by the host of a TV show,
do with their scurrilous deeds bury their futures for strife.

The fearful passage of compatriots love,
by continued embrace of marketed rage,
which, admitted truth and humility could dispose of,
fills now our breathless hours and sets our stage.

Which of you, with angry hearts, will patient peace attend,
and back away from martial games so pointless strife can end?
I start off with a twisted sample of Shakespeare - to set the tone - and purposefully have two inversions ("fills now" instead of the more modern "now fills") for a (hopefully) classical feel.
Wesley S Oct 2020
It seems so easy
Something we can do endlessly
But in truth while air can get into my lungs
Like at times words don't form from our tonuges
Sometimes even if we drink from Lethe
Air escapes and we can't seem to breathe
Especially in times we can't seem to function
And can't reach our intuition

It seems so easy
Like we can do it tirelessly
But even in times so fine
The air escapes these lungs of mine
Even with the sun we can find
Troubles never truly leave the mind
Sores never disappear completely
So in something that seems to easy
We just can't at times
Even with the luck of 7 dimes
Just simply in a state of seethe
Its hard to breathe
lydia orr Jul 2020
chill of the winter night
drifting through the open sunroof
throbbing stars
a crisp breeze
licking our skin
invading our bodies with tingling goosebumps
slipping ourselves the pill of oblivion
drifting into a reality
that perhaps only existed in our minds
we did believe our imaginations
much more comfortably
than we would ever believe reality

so we sat there
slumped on the black leather seats
watching the notes spill from the speakers
and dissipate into the air
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