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Mary Velarde May 2019
these days the noose
comes in a fever dream
in the form of honeysuckle vines
perfect coiled around my neck.
Elizabeth Feb 2019
You are the sunshine that lingers in my room when I feel so dark and lonely. You peek through my curtains blinding me with idea that I can get out of bed and nestle in blooming flowers and sprouting trees. Spring is coming you whisper to me but my mind is foggy, filled with thoughts of losing my self and trying to find myself again. You are the bird that chirps outside my window reminding me of the new day and the sunshine you are soon to bring in. You were the light of my life until you left leaving me lonely with little bird song to be sung and little sunshine to be felt.
Love lost
Depression drains you of all feeling.
Emotions can be up or down, but the worst is when there's nothing wrong at all.
Just like the alarm from the monitor when there is nothing pushing you forward.
You feel exactly like that sound, but it occurs inside.
If only there were defibrillators to resuscitate my emotions.
The feeling leaves me powerless and there's nothing I can do to stop
                                                    The Flat Line
everything is burning
yes, burning
from the ceiling,
to the f
from the roof of my
to the tips of my
they are curled

and im drowning
begging to end

help me end it
so much pain

                      to gain

please please **please
Haifsa Oct 2018
I stepped out of my gloom

In the the gibberish street

Stomping steps, chattering mouth

Men running around, Women carrying children

Some making choices, others laughing in corner

I looked around more deeply

Sky seemed in motion, thousands birds flying

Pretty girls, Handsome men crossing me by

I stood there, my ripped pyjamas, over sized shirt

Uncombed hair, being a muddy puddle beside a green river

Unable to find, where do i fit?

Do i belong here, do i know them?
Sometimes i really feel an urge to escape and to run away. i feel like a misfit, a person who has not yet learned the ways of survival.
Lynette Jul 2018
Looking through my warm brown eyes
All I see is Grey
Steely cold and lacking
I sleep the day away

I want to see the lapis sky
The leaves so evergreen
But the lenses that I see through
Wash out the color scheme

My days are grey as are my nights
No indigo, twinkling sky-
My world is ever-montone
My secret wish to die.

No pill will ever cure this
No psychothera-py
I was born with grey colored glasses
This is who I be.
Matt Chamberlain Jan 2018
What would I say to that boy so young?
Full of life, imagination and drive
How could I tell him what his mind would become?
Full of dread, anxiety and no pride
How did I end up like this?
A question I asked so many times
Swallowing pills just to exist
What kind of life does that make mine?

It got worse when I moved to London
Down every day but more work to do
My room became a dungeon
A city so big, but so few people to turn to
My mindset had rapidly sunken
Quick fix of drugs and cans of special brew
But the drugs that I kept on munching
Sent me further away from that child I once knew

Weeks had past and not one day spent studying
Not a care in the world. Not even a thought in my head
When I ended up in hospital is when it got worrying
Admitting to my parents felt like the hardest step
So many times in one day I had to explain, when I really felt like scurrying
It was then I realized that admitting to myself was actually the hardest step
I packed my bags and ran from that city, no one could stop me from hurrying
If I’d have stayed in that place for any longer, I fear I would have ended up dead

I was home at last, back where I belonged
Even if i was in debt, with a failed degree
I got a job in a kitchen that was oh so long
But I had family and friends all around me
It was then I met the girl I loved, the feeling was so strong
Every time I saw her my heart skipped a beat I suddenly felt free
But she was already spoken for, obviously I was wrong
I crawled back inside the cave I knew so well, with no one else but me

Over a year has passed I now live in a one bed flat
But with a bed thats big enough for two
That skinny druggy boy has gone and now I’m actually a bit fat
But happier than ever with you know who
That girl from before was unhappy like me, her relationship made her sad
We’ve been together ever since, I’m stuck to her like glue
The pills from the doctor sure help when times are bad
But Sarah nothing helps as much as you

What I would say to that boy oh so young
Is don’t worry about talking when times get hard
Sure drugs and alcohol seem like cheap fun
But they just paint over the cracks, don’t let go of your guard
Look at the positives and when you need help don’t run
When it seems like it will never get better, you feel permanently scarred
But those wounds do heal, never feel like life is done
Just take a deep breath and carry on
First poem written by and about myself. No corrections or edits. Just written as I thought of it. The poem is based on a very difficult time in my life.
Bre Jan 2018
Sometimes I just feel like I'm crazy.  I get these thoughts that come through my head that feel alien, foreign.  They don't come from the me I want to be they come from the me that I'm constantly running from.  The me that hides behind the sweet smile and kind gestures.  This me is not pretty, she is not smart, she is not kind.  This me is a monster, who wants nothing more than carnage.  Nothing can stay perfect too long, and I am spiraling into the me that I don't want to be.
Happy New Year,

From the old me.
Stay lovely <3
nara Jun 2017
i sure do hope
you will reach upon the day which
you will sit back
and start reminiscing your past
and remember those moments
which you have gone through
and laugh over your miseries
because my, oh my
you have already come this far

just hang in there
Alexander Daniel Apr 2017
You're given one key
Two doors happy or sadness
It's only your choice
I feel like a lot of people choose to look and dwindle on the negative things in life. Where's other choose to always look at the positives even when they have nothing going for them.
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