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Star Eyes Mar 14
The phoenix burned, once more returned, from fiery pyre aflame
With wings outstretched, soared o’er land wretch’d, seen, by the bird, as the same
old forests of past, which never could last 'gainst nature's violent outlashes
Yet in dreams surviving, defiant, and thriving; though the air still reeked of ashes

The scorching sunset cast its melting gold net o’er the equally, if not more scorched earth
Night's moon and day's star hung above the earth's scar; two eyes judging the wasteland's worth
They deemed it as decent, though the charring of recent corrupted their judgement in part
And through the cloud's pain, the celestial rain cascaded down to the wood's heart

The tears of the sky rinsed the aching dirt dry, and quenched its desperate dreams
The caked floor, satiated, filled up and inflated with life bursting at its seams
Beneath vanished leaves, under wire canopies, green shoots had begun to grow
The Phoenix, all seeing, saw the passionate being of the young plants below.

The forest will burn as time’s wheels turn, evermore reaching its end
Everything dies, yet The Phoenix still flies, watching all birthed again.
This is sort of a first draft...? I might rewrite the poem and make it better one day but at the moment it's also technically a finished poem.

I guess it's about humanity, sort of- with the Phoenix as humanity, burning the forest down itself and then blaming it on nature; then regaining inspiration as the world is reborn.

I liked the idea of the sun and the moon acting as eyes which weep when it rains, so I kept it in- for now, at least.
Tyler Smiley Dec 2018
I’ve been walking down the city streets,
wild night life running on disco feet.

I hear you with every step I take,
the loud cement cannot take your place.

Rushing blood in cracked bones,
your body was my home,
an avenue not of my own.

But people change with the weather-
saying the sun will make them better,
but 3 straight days of rain just left us
wetter than ever.

4 am reflections in the puddles of what
we used to be, imitations of you and me,
I’m so sick of reliving our tainted history.
Pyre Dec 2018
I let the rain cry for me
I'm too afraid of what you do
I'm just a man that be
I want to be more to you

I'm letting the rain cry for me
because of everything you did
maybe I'm too afraid to see
what would happen if you saw me bleed

I'm letting the rain cry for me
because I can no longer shed tears
I've grown old, but good you'll see
I'm getting over these banal fears

so I HAVE to let the rain cry for me
because If I didn't let him do it
I'd be curled into the bottom of a sea
that I filled by myself, so I'll admit

that I let the sky cry for me
let his sorrows wash my face
because you are everything to me
because I'm still sitting here waiting
In hopes of one final embrace
In hopes of one more night of kissing
Tyler Smiley Nov 2018
Headache of a girl
stepping on sobbing floorboards,
rusty pipes and lonely nights.
I start my own fires,
tend to sweat out kerosene.

Rinse myself with ***** water
dripping from cracks above.
Break open a window-
smoggy air love, right hand slug.

You’re still sound asleep,
yet I stand in the city
interrupted by sirens
and memories of you.

What a pity.
CK Marrow Feb 2017
I wait for you, night
I wait for you all day
For in those briefest moments we touch
I wish we could just stay
Stay like this forever
With your blue intertwining my red
and create a beautiful masterpiece
A canvas in the sky, they said
For when we meet
It feels as if your lips graze mine
Brief and obsolete
In that moment you are thine
I wish we could stay in this limbo forever
Where the day met the night
But alas it has to end
We separate in plight
But when tomorrow comes
I can always count on you
Your darkness meeting my light
As day and night must do
And we partake in this game forever
Never a day complete
Without this dance we play
Like children on the street
I wait for you, night
I wait for you all day
I wish for you forever in the moments
But you can never stay
Lucas Keith Sep 2016
Color Me Anxious

Color me anxious, color me green,
  The recess of novice nervousness
that awaits the first touch.
Color me anxious, color me wary,
   The pinnacle of senses marrying
sight, smell, taste, and such.

Color me anxious, color me red,
   The fixture of your wild eyes
skipping beats and silence.
Color me anxious, color me alive,
   The bumps on my skin at attention
whilst my conscience is on the fence.

Color me anxious, color me white,
   Blissfully unaware of consequence,
pinching pennies for my soul.
Color me anxious, color me a fool,
   Pressing nose to neck to subtle
ignoring hands pushing tolls.

Color me anxious, color me grey,
   Burying the obvious beneath alarm,
testing the limit of anguished vanilla.
Color me anxious, color me perturbed,
   Hiding emotion behind faux smiles,
pretending reality isn't just filler.

Color me anxious, color me black,
   Night becoming less a time
and more an essential surface.
Color me anxious, color me silent,
   Feeding the darkness, the empty
ravenous and out of place.

Color me anxious, color me blue,
   A prescription for a valid weather,
Storming under the heat of the sun.
Color me anxious, color me cold,
   The wisps of breath belying heat,
an exhaust from the body of one.

Color me anxious, color me true,
   A hue that exists not on the wheel,
skipping those that know.
Color me anxious, color me through,
   Trials that shouldn't ever hinder,
polishing reality for show.

Color me anxious, color me love,
   Never so serious, but straight forward
intention just to remind you.
Color me anxious, color me gone,
   Drunk off my broken psyche,
but ever willing to color you.

Color me anxious,
   Color me...
Your love ascended on me fearlessly.
I had no choice but to fall in love with your voice.
And all the loudness in my thoughts
your voice was the only one I sought.

Your love descended from me after a while.
rare connections separated.
all the times I meditated, hoping you come back down
my biggest fear awaits...your nowhere to be found.

Now your love is teaching me how to heal and be free.
There's no need to fear I'm always right here.
so I went with my instinct and let you be.
Trusting with all my soul that you'd make it back home
but you got lost and I must let you go. Go back to where you
came... I learned my lesson anyways.
ciannie Nov 2015
A dust storm blows through Kansas
Stinging, lashing shrieks
The sand blows holes through a Canvas
Who collects the words, and sleeks
The gunfire of their sound, for weeks
His brows steeled and heavy
The whirlwind quits its wails
And leaves, lily-livered in its belly

A tsunami bellows over Mastushima bay
Body slamming into townsfolk
A long-time build up lead astray
One sun-browned girl is left to choke
But then spits out the damage, in half broke
And the colossal wave recedes
Quietened, calm and apologetic
Anger fleeing as it bleeds

Snow drifts and crawls its way past Moscow
Gentle, almost alluring in its ways
Children present their tongues, and the sow
Charges, squealing, into guts and begins frays
Which twist their ears burnt, lasting for a thousand days
And eventually a conscience melts the qualm
And the damage rectified on-surface
But frostbite clings to fingers; done already is the harm

Weather will hound and scorch and spit
And eventually untether
And though people bite and kick and hit
No emotion lasts forever
attempt at a ballade
ciannie Sep 2015
we donned our aprons
I scraped back my hair
you tightened the drawstrings
we stood together, to stare

the glossy oak block
of what could be
and you and I, with our chisels
an aim to complete

at first we did trace, hand holding hand
pencil strokes start small, then sweeping
and you took my waist to steady my stand
and we shared our first scratch, both weeping

after this first mark
had struck the smooth wood
can this be? we thought
we knew, it could

and we stood apart and looked
and readied our stance
lips smiling, hearts reaching
and we flew into dance

scribbled did the wood become
its grain chiselled beyond belief
not yet finished, much more to come
and with each ****** we felt relief

this ballet shall continue
your body on my frame
your mind sharing mine
the other's heart we both claim

our masterpiece gets drawn
slowly across the years
but it feels fast, like seconds
and we hammer without fears

we slip into one from the dance
you the concrete, I the brace
our aim for artwork has set a trance
but I break to see your face

let's not whirlwind through our masterpiece
lets take this time to contemplate
the whirlwind may take time to come again
but with you I will wait
Koketso Hlahla Sep 2015
Maybe its the way she speaks, that keeps my mind intrigued.
Every word becomes a seed to a bush full of weeds.
She is great, indeed.
Everyday I plead,
Don't take your love away from me..
See, I need you to be my freedom in a world free from freedom..

I love you,
Not just you, but every factor that makes you, you.
I don't know what I'd do, if I lost you.
My life would shatter out of the blue..
My mind would sue my heart for unfair dismissal from you.
Yes, it true
I belong to you,
No matter who tries to do us apart from our 2 man crew that no one has a clue as to why me and you behave the way we do...

When I look in your eyes,
My why's stray from lies
As my heart cries to your
Lovely sized heart which doesn't mind that you're mine and I'm yours.. With no doubt in either mind, we find our hearts drawing lines that carve forever on to the signs in our minds cause we feel like our lives are assigned to duties behind enemy lines so our problems defined become fine from kind words..

Has it occurred that we're obscured from a bigger picture that will capture us in a painting that makes our love caricature? Funny, cause this love is pure, and it remains a cure from our uncertainty to make sure we are what we were when we're supposed to be?

Let's make this clear,
Our love drives out fear
So my eyes can see her
Walk down that isle..
My arms around her as I whisper in her ear.. It's you and me, Dear..
Her sheer elegance makes her appear as my heart sees her..
Untouched with tears
Loved without chandeliers,
With no restrictions as they all flee her...

Its instinct for this distinct moment to inflict harmony with stitches of love...

Do I take you as my lawfully wedded heart bearer, to carry my heart through the sickness in this world and the health in your soul...

I do, love you..
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