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Nalinee Aug 2020
Long, Short
Entertaining, Teaching, Evoking
Morals, Imaginations, Present, Truth
Existing, Empowering, Accepting
Beautiful, Ugly
It's a diamante form of poem. Learnt recently.
SR Nirmal Kumar Jul 2019
Leggy, slender
Ascending, cantering, vaulting
Vertically gifted, vertically challenged
Descending, craving, scampering
Small framed, compact
SR Nirmal Kumar Jul 2019
Terrestrial, timid
Adapting, running, swimming
Hunted on the ground, shot in flight
Flapping, soaring, swooping
Agile, curious
Kivanc May 2019
I am a shepherd,
My land is endless wold;
There is a thought in my mind,
Which feeds sheeps with fine grass,
My hometown is as silent as a stork,
Which emigrates to lost worlds,
To sense hotness again,
I see their belief.
I hope I didn't change the meaning for the poetical type.
ms reluctance Apr 2019
fluffy,  cute
wagging, frolicking, toppling
happy, hungry,  sleepy, curious
purring, climbing, playing
adorable, soft
NaPoWriMo Day 23
Poetry form: Diamante
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