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Caage Gaber Jul 2023
Joy conceived in the vision
The Lily of the drought
Volunteer of the incision
And a seed of doubt

Black silky Intertwined threads
The touch and sound of care
Love, warmth, comfort spreads
Your intensity in all rare

Infinite options hang above
Spinning a smoky vortex
Simply what you hate or love
Discombobulates my cortex

Only clues to a mystery
Yet partials of a masterpiece
Less of shortened history
Wonder moves me not to cease
Someone asked me to write how I felt about them so I did
Caage Gaber Jun 2023
I fully hate you.
No questions to my detest.
Why am I here though?
My determination. I hate some qualities and that makes me believe I hate the person that personifies those qualities. Why though do I end up around said people?
Caage Gaber Feb 2022
I lived through my mistakes
I lived through the stress
I lived through the aches
I lived for success

I lived in moments of joy
I lived in optimism
I lived innocent yet coy
I lived through criticism

I lived and showed love
I lived and showed fear
I lived in belief of above
I lived a life unclear

I died because I was tired of all that came with living
I’m not dead nor suicidal. This poem was just a random passing thought. I want you to read it and think. It’s not for me it’s for you. Thank you, Ayesha for inspiring me to write a little more again.
Caage Gaber Apr 2021
I remember you each day
through my crying heart.
I'd rather forget than stay.
Everyday a heart is broken to tiny little pieces. Someone out there is crying, someone out there has lost everything in life, someone out there just wants to forget everything ever existed.
Caage Gaber Dec 2020
Bitter tasting sip
Or a sweet and creamy glaze.
Black cup or cool whip?
I'm not a big fan of dark coffee. I'm the kind of person who has coffee with his sugar
Caage Gaber Dec 2020
Tears wash down a face.
A heart drowned infinitely.
The barrel in place.
It's right there in front of you. An escape. Do you really want to take it?
Caage Gaber Sep 2020
such a gorgeous and grand word.
Though dull, it's visible.
It took me a while to figure out, but I love people that throw away the act that the world expects you to have and plays as themself.
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