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Poetry Art May 2023
you used to be
the color of the sky
when the sun is bright
so peaceful to look at

the color of the ocean
with the soft breeze it brings
it touches my face
so pure, so calm

the color of the shirt
you wore on our first date
so masculine
and sophisticated to look at

but now you are an entirely different shade of blue
so hurtful to see as our memories haunt me still
with tears in my eyes
im all alone and blue
his favorite color is blue
Poetry Art May 2023
i've been staring at you
a lot more lately
and sometimes i wonder

what if you are the one

but i wasn't?
i want to be the one for you. i badly do.
Poetry Art May 2023
if I could have
a wish to a wishing star
ill wish the ability
to love myself
the way I love you
maybe by then, ill never settle for anything less than i deserve
Poetry Art May 2023
if you want me to
ill go and take the stars
out of the sky
just for you
just tell me you do
Poetry Art Mar 2023
perhaps, this is the love
I was created for
without buts
without doubts
full of hope
full of love

perhaps you are the love
I’ve always been waiting for

i love you
Poetry Art Sep 2022
i wanna write more
but my mind is empty
soul is missing
heart is shattered
i am broken
i am lost
how i wish i'll be able to write again.

hoping for better days,
Poetry Art Jul 2022
lately ive been pondering
if is it really a dream deferred
or i cant just accept
that its a dream denied
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