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I told her I needed a fix and my dealer mumbled a couple words and then ignored me.
I felt it before he uttered it
The breath of undiluted love
Blowing away my fears and doubt
But leaving behind the scene of impossibilities

I knew it before it was denied
That some dreams are to be locked away
Despite the strong feelings
They are never coming to reality

Now that they are beyond reach
I nurse in my heart my blur daydreams
Hoping to go back in time
And make sure I lock away every possibility
some wishes, dreams and hopes would never come to pass, especially when you love the wrong one
D A W N May 2018
you said you didnt love me anymore.
yet your face tells everything we steal glances of each other.
how your cheek grazes my eyes, burying every sinful lie within each and every moment.
you try to hide your feelings inside and pushed the love i gave to you
that you denied.
i see light in your eyes, darling.
now why couldn't you just let it be and see how you truly mean to me, see the countless times, the consecutive tries of trying to make you mine again.
now darling, i'm waiting for you. waiting for you to take me back one more time. i just need one try to prove to you that i was worth it all the time.
and i dont know why youre fighting back the truth and burying them with distinctive lies saying that i never loved you and you never loved me too and that we were never meant for each other but deep down you know it wasnt true.
so doff your pride and don a smile,
run to me with arms open wide
and accept me back
with the love
that never once died.
September to November-gubot na panahon
Peter Balkus May 2018
Not to deny knowing me,
when they ask my name
at the gates of the Kingdom of Dust.
Not to betray myself
for a few silver coins,
when comes my Time.
Amanda Apr 2018
My ears are exhausted.
Do not say those words.
I turn the music up louder.
Screams fly out like weightless birds.

Lungs fill up with air, still and stale,
They will burst with one more breath,
I sit beside you on my bed and sing.
A desperate song that may be my death.

If you utter the phrase I have been hiding from,
Black magic words spun into a lullaby,
We will both have no choice but to accept..
The love we have been trying to deny.
This is an old one. I dont even remember who it is about it is so old.
pk tunuri Mar 2018
I wish we could fly
High on sky
Hope you don't deny
I'll always wait for your reply

Could you stay along till we die
If not, may I ask you why
Please don't lie
And make me cry
Brooke Olthouse Feb 2018
Lies drowning Eyes
Holding unfolding Souls
Places with blank Spaces
Display great past betray
Vent or Repent
You make a better window then door. Try to deny to me and I will always let everyone see the pity you wallow yourself in. I can always see right into your soul so yes you should be afraid.
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ®️©️
Dharker Dec 2017
It is a sad twist of faith
To be here in this place
Looking at pieces
That belonged to you

A weird feeling
as the moon is full
On the same day you had
made the walk down the road
                       ~Feeling the energy makes me want to cry~

As I think,

                            "What if I had been here on that day"

...Many weeks ago

Admiring the hard work
With what you had built with your time

I would of said

What my heart truly thinks

What an amazing job
You did

                                                           ­      Instead, letting time slip away
                                                                ­                             And I am here
                                                                ­       staring at the scatter pieces
                                                                ­                you had left to no one

Filling myself up with the mistakes
I should of changed
to had helped you
So one day at a time
This hurt needs to be the reason why
We change how we take people for granted
To encourage
To find time
To show love
Even to the ones you don't think need it
Is what we need to learn from
The caged bird
you won't let sing,
croons the loudest
when it forgets how to.

A song that should've been haunting and beautiful
becomes only haunting.
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