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BEK Nov 2019
the moon demanded our attention
it radiated glowing rings
through a shimmering mist

your eyes were filled with magic
endless glistening stars
captivating every inch of me

the moon had a message
that could not be ignored
despite our efforts to suppress

as certain as the moon is pure and true
there was a profound storm afoot
a downpour

i took a long and deep breath
ensuring that every bit of the cleansing air
became a part of me

i fell into a deep and heavy sleep
the rhythm of the raindrops and the beat of the pounding thunder
composed a lullaby like no other

but, i was jolted out of my heavenly slumber
it was time to wake up and reclaim control
try to find comfort in the wisdom of the weatherman

surely his knowledge eclipses the moon's eloquence
the genuine peace from a lullaby
and the exquisite magnetism between souls

— The End —