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Dougie london  Oct 2012
Dougie london Oct 2012
I deny the feelings i have for you.
I deny every time you walk down the street and my homie ask if i love you and i say ******* but in the back of my mind all i can think about is how much i l rlly love you 
I deny the fact the when you got a new man that it dosent hurt me because i know i can treat better then any ***** ever will
I deny that you are not the most beautiful thing in the world because your beauty is what wakes me up in this world
I deny that i dnt want you as my future wife Knowing deep down that all i want to do his hold you tight right by my side you as my bonnie and me as your clyde 
I deny how intellectual you really are even tho your the most intelligent woman in the world
I deny that i dnt think about you when i sleep but we both know your in my dreams always holding hands taking on the world as best as we can
I deny i dont want to be your protector even tho i wont let anything hurt you
I deny that your eyes arent pretty but gorgeous like the sunset over the seas
I deny that your not all i want but you are the only thing i need
I deny i deny i deny i deny
I dont know why i deny
I deny to tell you the truth all the time because  it might hurt 
I deny that deep down inside that your not my favorite girl
I deny your not my whole wide world
I deny that this poem wasnt made for you to show my love for you. 
I guess you will never know how i really feel for you because of my denial
Diana V  Apr 2015
To Deny Me
Diana V Apr 2015
To deny me is to hurt me.
To deny me is to break my heart into a tiny million shards of glass
To deny me is to turn your back on me
To deny me is to pretend that I don't exist

Because when you deny me, you are closing the door on me and opening a window to let the others' ray of light shine on you instead.

To deny me is to deprive me of smiles.
To deny me is to shatter my ego.
To deny me is to step on my confidence.
To deny me is to pretend that I don't exist.

Because when you deny me, it means that you want others to give you happiness that I cannot provide myself.

To deny me is to pierce my soul.
To deny me is to sink me into madness.
To deny me is to let my tears flow endlessly.
To deny me is to pretend I don't exist.

Because when you deny me, you hurt me and break my heart that I have tried so many times to patch up with duct tape.
Arcassin B  Aug 2016
Arcassin B Aug 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

When she gives you that look,
Don't you ever deny her ,her beauty again,
seeing as the time passes,
Bet you'll see its end ,  In a beautiful setting,
Don't deny her again.......
When she gives you that look,
Don't you ever deny her ,her beauty again,
seeing as the time passes, Bet you'll see its end ,  
In a beautiful setting,
Don't deny her again.......... Don't deny her again,

I bet you'd like to notice how the waves flow in entirety,
I was a fool to think,
I bet you'd like to know how deep my love runs so swiftly,
This stuff is hard to drink,
I got you,
You need me,
No God **** way we can not see eye to eye,
I'm so excited,
For the empathy ,
We reflect on others than ourselves,
People grabbing hearts off the shelves,
Making people care for them then a quell,
You always lack what you try to ignore, but we will prevail,
And everything that deals with hate always end up in hell,

When she gives you that look,
Don't you ever deny her ,her beauty again,
seeing as the time passes,
Bet you'll see its end ,  In a beautiful setting,
Don't deny her again.......
When she gives you that look,
Don't you ever deny her ,her beauty again,
seeing as the time passes, Bet you'll see its end* ,  
In a beautiful setting,
Don't deny her again.......... Don't deny her again*.
He met her under the willow trees
That grew by the valley creek,
He hadn’t been able to visit her
For the best part of a week,
She patted her horse’s neck, and sighed,
And waited for him to say,
The one thing that she feared the most,
That he might be going away.

But in his eyes there was only love
As he reached, and kissed her hand,
‘We mustn’t be seen down here by him,
I need you to understand,
He rides abroad since he found us out,
And says he’s looking for me,
His stablemaster has said, no doubt,
I’ll hang from the nearest tree.’

‘He wouldn’t dare,’ said Jennifer Moss,
‘My father would have him lashed,
He’s always been too quick with his fists
He killed a man in the past.’
‘But never paid the ultimate price,
He thinks he’s above the law,
I’m keeping my flintlock pistol primed,
My powder dry by the door.’

‘He hasn’t said anything yet to me,
So how do you think he knows?’
‘Your stablemaster has seen us kiss
By the barn where the river flows.
Beware, my love, he’s a dangerous man,
Will settle his score with me,
But then, with you, he will seek revenge
Denial may set you free.’

‘You must deny that you care for me,
Deny that our lips have met,
Deny, deny is the only course
That may make the fool forget.’
‘My heart is bursting with love for you,
I couldn’t deny what’s true,’
‘You must, my love, or the scene is set,
I fear what he’ll do to you.’

He rode away to his hilltop farm
And he locked and barred each door,
While she rode off to the Manor House
Where her husband paced the floor.
‘I fear my wife is a Jezebel,
So the stablemaster tells.’
‘I have no interest in men,’ she said,
I’m married to one from Hell!’

He turned on her in a rage at that,
He believed his master spy,
While she continued to hear the words
Of her love, ‘Deny, Deny!’
‘I’ll spare his life if you tell the truth,
If you don’t, the man is dead,’
She weakened then and admitted it,
She once had been in his bed.

He sent his louts to the Hilltop farm
And they dragged him out in dread,
They tied him to the back of his horse
To the Manor House, they led.
The husband leered when he saw him there,
‘Well, your love has you redeemed!
I’ll let you live in your bleak despair…’
His love was hung from a beam!

David Lewis Paget
ArominizedM  Mar 2014
ArominizedM Mar 2014
I deny the fact that
I can't be with you.
I deny the rant that
I want what's mine to be true.

I deny the loss that
spent my days all blue.
I deny the tact that
sent your response with a chilling hue.

I deny the phase that
I am into thinking
I deny the ways that
I held my ship sinking.

I deny the state that
though I recall what can heal.
I deny myself that
faith can be made real.
Mystery Girl Jul 2013
The curve of your lips
Is irresistible
I can't deny I want to taste them

The color of your eyes
Is magnificent
I can't deny they draw me in

Your joyous laugh
Is incredible
I can't deny I want to hear it next to me

Your beating heart
Is beautiful
I can't deny I want to steal it

Your sweet love
Is my weakness
I can't deny I miss it

Your kind forgiveness
Is absolutely amazing
I can't deny I wish on a star for it
It's kinda repetitive...
Mateuš Conrad May 2016
i've actually reached a zenith of my use of language, the overstated early use of humour... paradoxically it's also a nadir of language, foremost i blame it on psychological emphasis of certain words without clear grammatical patterns of casual interference / usage, which stemmed from philosophy's avoidance of grammatical words as useful short cuts... and poetic laconic shoving near millimetre associations kindred of the synonymous categorical: dog, cat, tree, fig, apple... nouns. i have a reached a limit having attempted to create a geometry with a- (indefinite / without "articulation" / existence / or simply pluralism) and the (definite articulation / existence / or simply monotheism, index finger pointing), and the prefix in-, ascribed to an illogical categorisation of infinity and infinitude as inclusive nouns... where the former attracts the indefinite article, and the later attracts the definite article, most commonly example with stars, space, time and insects, but not man: e.g. ever hear of a famous bee named Newton? no, me neither. i just noticed that poetry over-philosophised itself by using grammatical terms in that near-synonymousness of d'uh and that philosophy avoided using these grammatical terms of categorisation, fearing a demented disintegration of casual speech, as near to quantum physics as language of humanities could be approached with: the disappearing act of hope (noun, +) and reappearance of it as hopelessness (adjective, although still ~noun, therefore still +), meaning being hopeless (verb, although ~adjective, and now attached to dark matter - / negative): hence the many sensitivities over crude vocabulary, hence the kept church Latin and the lost humour of ****** Latin.*


newspapers are depressing, i know, on pages 34 & 35
there's a picture of an orang utan posing in an
auguste rodin pose of the thinker: eyes close together never
ageing of a Down Syndrome Dorian Grey,
hairstyle of an Elton John, though: headlines surroudning
the picture read things stuff that horror movies are
not intelligent to reveal, i.e. mob rule; horror movies treat
the individual as the ultimate menace, they never care
to make cinematic eloquences with individual's
shadow, of those around him: Jesus herding his sheep
who's prime expression is ****** white hands drenched
in blood unable to doubt, therefore only able to deny,
and what a poverty of lying ingenuity
denial is... one man tennis hitting a brick wall...
people reserve more doubt at having hit a tennis ball
against a wall than  denying it... doubt is a
dual-carriageway... so much self in doubt among
others than there is self-consciousness in denial
among others... denial is a cul de sac alley...
the mirror wished to remain hidden for fear
of realisation... denial is a faking of innocence /
         doubt is a faking of knowledge -
childish-like later: oh! misinformation corrected!
like electrons not having orbits but existing in
quantum clouds! former high-school teaching,
later university teaching! born 1952, died 1989:
now you see me, now you don't, electron-quick
hands of magicians. but... but... but
you can't deny both infinitudes (limits)
of your unitary vector (ego)...
sure you can deny the infinitude (algebraic
pinpoint 1) and deny the finitude (algebraic
pinpoint 2), but you can't deny two infinitudes,
i.e. you're either god or nothing...
as you can't deny two finitudes,
i.e. you're either memorable or worth forgetting;
nor can you deny an infinitude and doubt
the finitude - although you deny the finitude
with a chance excavation of infinitude as an
example o... Finnegans Wake does that to you...
hence the common stance is denying;
imagine the Cartesian equation plagued by denial,
i deny, therefore i'm not...
my writing will not reach popular appeal because
it wishes to not disturb, not not uproot a perfectly
happy man from a simple method he can perfect
and challenge genius over a complex method
which it can only imperfect.
i'm not going to forgive the nature of my 26 surds
kept in the optic with the double-surd of H in language
spoken, but your critique of my cognitive use of language,
which is purely optic and not in the least care phonetic
belongs to me, i know my conversational language
where i disengage from having to engage with all
the pronouns, as existentialism proved itself pedantic to
be defining itself by, using all pronouns to "ditto" out
the one single pronoun, simply the ego, and therefore
to produce f(denial) = "ego"; f(x)
                             function of two truths
                             f(x) = "ego" or Freudian theory
                                        of blame it on the superego
                                        or blame it on the id...
what, matchsticks not good enough for your arabic
complications?! you got oil, i have wood,
stop coming to europe for the summer to burn
rather than spend your precious oil! FRY *******!
Deny me only one kiss
And my heart shall die

Deny me only one touch
And my soul shall cry

If you should deny me your love
My body will surely wither away

If you should deny me your beauty
Then my life will be taken this day

I love thee, with all of this heart
I would give you my very life

I love thee, with all of this body
Your love cuts deeper than any knife

copyright Chris Smith 2011
Arcassin B Apr 2015
by Arcassin Burnham

You Can't deny my love,
it's a symbol of,
Do what any man does,
To get back the woman he loves,
You love,
You don't have to deny,
Desire not to put down the bottle,
You're a queen to me,
Too tense to hold the crown,
You Can't deny the love i have,
Even when it puts you down,
Ten other perfect angels could not out due,
Can't Deny.
TheTeacher Oct 2012
I won't confirm or deny that I'm in a league of my own. Trapping these thoughts and neatly arranging them on the paper....or screen.  Regardless you know what I mean.

I won't confirm or deny that this is something I love to's better than keeping track of all those kids that live in a shoe.  The mother she used to be fine.....until her husband introduced her that bottle of wine.

I won't confirm or deny that she came down to my place.  She was mumbling some jibberish and I kindly asked her to step out of my face.  Her eyes were bloodshot red....she began mumbling about wanting someone dead.

I asked her nervously "Who?" She momentarily stepped out of her stupor and said "you know who!"  Now I had no clue ....just like you......I'm looking at her strangely......not knowing what to do.

She begins to cry and plops on the chair.....she utters these words and heartbreak fills the air.  Jack be nimble ...Jack be quick....Jack left me with all these kids.....He makes me sick.

I have struggled for years to raise these babies...and did all I could do.  Do you really think a mother wants their children to grow up in a shoe? I talked to my girl Ms. Muffet ....and spider is still trying to scare her away.....she said she saw Jack trying to talk to Jill.

He doesn't want to be a father.....he wants to go up the hill.  Plus, her brother Jack broke his crown....cause he was creeping with little Bo Peep.  She lost her sheep the other day.  Jack came by and wanted to play.

She lost her focus and lost her sheep....because after Jack left she fell fast asleep.  I won't confirm or deny anything I wrote here.....Hey Jack B. Nimble you better sleep with one eye open.....your wife is near.

Just a little mental exercise......
Stefan Smith Feb 2015
To the mind that was mine, you would deny
These soft breezes that speak of my essence,
That alive am I when i choose to die.

I see how simple my thoughts did multiply.
To control my rue, and ignore the lessons.
And, of the mind that was mine, it did deny.

I observe, through the silence, fear's disguise.
Behind the shadows, behind the blessings.
So, alive am I when i choose to die.

I see how big my mistakes did magnify.
A brand to my heart, an endless impression.
But, in the mind that was mine, it did deny.

I observe, through the roaring, peace arrive.
In the fog it glistens, my protection.
Yes, alive am I when i choose to die.

In Your grave I lay, in me You will rise.
I hear You when the breeze whispers heaven.
To the mind that was mine, you would deny.
But, alive am I when i choose to die.
Colossians 3: 1-3 "Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God."
Yasmine Dennis  May 2014
Yasmine Dennis May 2014
Never knew love until I gave birth
The love from a mother to a child, vice versa
How can you deny a face so sweet?
Just to think, we once shared a heartbeat
How could I just give up on you?
You're my motivation, you're presence fuels me
Colic and terrible two's...***** training and I love you's
Who could deny a face so sweet?
Seem like yesterday, April 13th...A face I couldn't wait to meet
I never want to fail you or steer you wrong
But how do I explain why your daddy's gone?
Why deny a face so sweet?
There's so much love I'm wanting to give
Teach you the necessary lessons to live
From day one I've been by your side
Held your hand through low and high tide
Am I capable of showing you "double love"
Granted, there's no limit to my love for you
But I can't love you like a father should do
He deny a face so sweet...
So special, one of a kind
Missing out on all the great times
You deserve so much more, a full time father not a boy who comes then snatches your joy
A horrible cycle I put you in
Mommy is sorry to call him your kin
Never will I deny your face so sweet
I am your protector until the end
My love for you I'll always send...
May not be from your dad but I'll try
A face so sweet, you have my heart until I die

— The End —