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Astra Jan 28
It’s one am and I’m more confused then I was yesterday,
My thoughts somehow overpowering my life,

Making choices and walls that I can’t seem to deny,
Sometimes I wonder if tears ever truly dry,

Because though you may not see them on the outside,
I promise you,
I’m flooding on the inside
Just One Am thoughts, All right reserved.
Astra Jan 22
As the wind rattles the windows,
I arch my back allowing myself to imagine the wind brushing against my legs,

My dress filling with air,
And for the first time watching the sun highlight my skin,
Allowing it to illuminate a color of bright gold,

Shining brighter than a thousand diamonds,
As the warmth flows through my veins, I remember the ice cold dreams of darkness,

Yet reminded myself to fall in the the warmth,
Because the more I focus my mind on the abyss that’s drowned in sunlight,

The more I want to live a long life
All Right Reserved
Astra Jan 19
Shut up, I screamed to my mind only to realize I just woke it up.
All rights reserved, Written by FragileHalo
Astra Jan 19
You're right..I'm not over it...but you forgot one word..YET..
I'm not over it yet but eventually I will be and you'll be the one left missing me.
All right reserved, Written by fragilehalo
Astra Jan 19

One word changes a life

Update: this one changed mine!
Astra Jan 17
Watch me,

Watch me eat a cake,
the whole dang cake,

Watch me own MY body,
and ignore your comments,

Watch me smile,
as each day my thighs get a little bigger,

Watch me learn,
learn to love me,
learn to respect myself,

Watch me,
own who I am and make no apologies

Watch me,
want my life,
my mind,
and every piece of who I am,

Watch me,
watch me as I have bad days,
and watch me as I strive,

Watch me as I come alive!
This is just the beginning of my confidence. All right reserved.  Written fragilehalo
Astra Nov 2018
Another sleepless night,
Another night of lies,
I harbor my feels that I have to hide,

Why might you ask do these feels stay alive,
I answer with a few simple lines,

I’m a girl, one slightly broken, one afraid of the question and attention,
So hushed are my thoughts and silence is my voice,

There’s one good thing I must say something that strengthens me inside,
And keeps me alive,

That fact that this feelings are all MINE
All right reserved, written by fragilehalo
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