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Astra Jan 11
I love you
I hate you
I like you
I want to fight you

The cycle on repeat a broken record ending in defeat,
I know you won't leave,
And I can't begin to think of a day that I can't call you baby,

I try to fight to be seen,
But believe you're going to leave anyway,

We both refuse to lose,
We both refuse to choose something better,
We both don't want better,
We want this,

Here we go again,

You *****,
You liar,
You're toxic,
But your lips taste so sweet,
That even if it tried to end,
we wind right back up here,

Here we go again,

Same old story,
Another day,

The cycle on repeat a broken record ending in defeat,
I know you won't leave,
And I can't begin to think of a day that I can't call you baby,

So bittersweet,
My lipstick on your teeth,
Your lips travel my body,
Begging me to stay,

Sin never felt this great,
You *****,
You lair,
You're toxic,

But we're addicted,
So here we go again,

It doesn't matter,
Because in the end,

I love you,
I don't hate you,
I don't always like you,
And I truly don't want to fight you.
Astra Aug 2020

None of them can fill the slience
Astra Aug 2020
Astra Aug 2020
I want my voice back
Astra Aug 2020

Angry voices
Inside out stomach flips
Shivers and silence
just playing around with words now
Astra Aug 2020
she bravely writes her words as if she hasn't spoken in years,
she closes her eyes to the troubles of the world in hopes she can escape the traps of lies,
she wonders if they will come to save her but understands if they do the will find out just as she has there is no way out,

she will not speak unless spoken too,
only write what she is given permission too,
and only read the books she gives,

she will conform to society because it is the only way she has to know how to survive,
she would rather die than fight for her own rights,
she would rather become silent an, have saved her soul then lose the little light she has,
the little light she stole,

so I know it might not seem like much but she has been taught to hide her true intentions,

give her time,
she will surprise you,
because though she quiet she is not blind,
and they will all soon learn who she is behind close doors
Wow first piece in a really long time
Astra Feb 2020
Becoming the storm by Astra

Tears dropped precipitously on the ocean floor, Her eyes full of a glassy haze,
Her mind like a cave,
Written on the walls are stories of her soul told in images,
Her as a child laying in depths of the darkness alone yet not fearful,
Her as a girl young and wild full of energy in the glow of the sunlight,
Her as a woman petrified of the world yet controlling it from the castle of the land,
Broken and bruised yet someone brand new,
The tears have turned from dripping water to waterfalls, They say “when it rains it pours,”
Her soul combined with the earth creating,
An earthquake allowing the storms to illuminate her soul,
And come alive but not like others, to survive by,
Becoming the storm
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