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Love was never between
    Beautiful Faces
Love was between
     The ugly experiences
Love was never about
     How happy you were
Love was about
     How sad you can be without them
Love shouldn't be
Love should be
Love is bound to nothing perfect
Ageless with wrinkles
Love is bound to flaws
And that's the uniqueness
Love varies in different people
In different ways
Of showing " I love you"
This is how I view love.
Soon the world will know
What's hiding behind every closed door

The smiles that weren't true
The lies of "I love you"

How everyone would say "I'm fine"
Only to be left behind

But the truth is you'll never really dare
Once they are broken you will then
    only then...
You will start to care
Why do we let things be when we know those who need help.
You were chaotic
  Like the ocean's rage on a stormy night

You were also harmonic
  Like how birds synchronize in flight

You were silent
  Like how a butterfly would flap it's wings in air

You were deafening as well
  Like a how bomb would explode and shatter my ears

You were lonely
  Like how your anxiety creeps in when you're at a party

You were friendly
  Like how everyone looks at you brightly

You were everything I never would've asked

You were also everything I would've wanted

You were Mine
And I was Yours

You destroyed me,
  Like how you hugged my depression away

You built me,
  Like how your smile makes my day

You were what I had prayed for
And I'm thankful that I did.
I asked of no name but I had wished so what was given I must cherish
"You lied to me"

"Why did I trust you?"

He looked in my eyes,
  Those ocean shores began to become waves I've never seen before

His voice was a sound my ears never heard but was familiar like something from the past.

He answered. "You knew me.

And you didn't"
Two reasons someone would do treason, You knew them, or you didn't
It's either

Our hearts are
that's why our ribs are cages


Our hearts are
                G O L D E N
that's why we protect it with our chest

Either way

We should never let it go.

We release a beast


We lose a treasure
It's never a win a win with your heart locked forever... rather an all for nothing chance
Don't let me be your dream
  Something you need to achieve

Let me be your nightmare
  Things that keep you up at night

Don't let me be a flower
  You need to take care of

Let me the unexpected sprouts
  You never saw coming

Don't let me be the girl
   You wish to have by your side

Let me be the girl
   You need to have all your life

I'm never something pretty
   Because I am always insane

I don't need you to protect me

I need you to know me
Because I can't be normal let me be me
He lives in the past
   And She in the future

Time was never on their side
   He waited for Her to exist

    In the few moments of air he  breathes

    Because the present never happened where the two people would meet.
Patiently he waited for her to live
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