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I wonder why
   Amidst pretty girls in **** dresses

  And in smart girls with wealthy riches

  To kind girls with gifted hearts

He chose me...

With messy hair and baggy clothes


Senseless humor and idiotic attitude


Cheap gifts and angered temper

And last

My broken heart and change of moods

He hugged me, held my hand, kissed my cheek and stayed

With every reason he could've chose someone else

Left with all the reasons why

But he stayed. And I'm truly thankful.
Thankyou love.
Letting go of the
Is better than holding on to a

It's like giving her a
Full of
             T h o r n s
Why would you?
There were things you left in me

Things that left a mark

Flowers that never bloomed

Because they withered apart
And I thought you remembered
Walked on every city
  with signs I cannot understand
Spoke in a language
  I hardly can hardly pronounce
Loved people
  with broken hearts
yet I ended up with
if i was to go to a place, to see very sign. to know everybody, i still feel empty in the end
I have wished for you in every star in the sky

and prayed you'd visit me in my dreams

waiting for 11:11 to come for it to come true

Hopeless still, broken inside, yet devoted to you
it wasn't what i needed but now i can't survive without you
If I told you a secret
   It wouldn't be a secret anymore

I would never tell it to anyone

That's what you said, when you said the exact same thing I said to you but you told it to her

"I love you"
Secrets? Maybe not
Words escape
A voice is shut
A pen is out
A page is flipped
Ink is smeared
And tears have dropped
A poet has spoken
with eyes to hear
And mind to see
His broken poetry
And heart of bravery
Craves within
His written legacy
Mighty is he
Fearing no one
Against the judges of poor artistry
He strives to write his own poetry
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