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Oct 2019
Every time you try to pull that trigger, the action destabilizes! Leaving you without wounds from the inside out. Actions have consequences. Especially when yours isn’t good enough for the misfired bullet. Further actions destabilize even more. Showing the blockage of bullets cramming the gun barrel. Gun barrel becomes lost in its own action. Rendering its actions futile. More misfiring bullets go off! Nothing sprouts from the gun with love on its mind. Firearm cartridge is burning up! Feeling abandoned by itself. To much cramming volunteers mucking up too many services. Feeling more destabilizing numbness. Gun barrel becomes more exhausted. Numbness is no longer the issue. All actions have now taken away feeling. Doesn’t matter. Won’t stop the action from destabilizing further into a nothingness claim. A claim trapped in a misfired action. Halted all it’s processes. Resorting blockage sharing entire feelings with the first misfired bullet. Love becomes escapable.
If a bullet did flow out freely, more loving examples would be more presentable to the entire populace.
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