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Rahmmie SA Sep 2018
I wait all day for the train,
But it has been delayed.
I sit a few feet from the tracks,
As time just slips away.

I finally escaped,
But my getaway,
Hasn't come to take me away.

And my past will soon catch up to me,
I guess I'll never truly be free.
Abdullah Ayyash Dec 2017
One year has gone for ever
After many exact others
The journey I had, wandering
The pain I got, waiting
How patient I was, anticipating
The picture of you, smiling
The thought of us, together
The perfect life, forever
One dream is shattered
When I got your letter
The future now is dead
The past was abed
One more year of hope
May happiness never elope
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
December 30th, 2017
Bryan Oct 2017
'Cause I have to pursue you,
You got me with voodoo,
Who does it like you do?
Overcome with the new you,
Swept in the word,
Of a curse,
Of a homebrew:
I knew that I knew you,
But all that I've been through
Is enough to give into.
Come with me and we'll run to
A place where the sun dew
Is run through with rainbows
And all that is come due.
Want to?
Ryan Long Apr 2017
To the love of my life
The most beautiful woman
The one I want to make my wife

I hope you know this
I love you without end
And nothing could ever cause
that love to break or bend

You're as radiant as the sunshine
And your eyes shine like stars
You've captured my heart completely
Slapped on chains and put it behind bars

I can't express how proud
I am to be called yours
To be the one in your life
To hold your hand and open doors

You're beautiful
That's all I'm trying to say
And every time I think of you
I want to run away

To go somewhere far
And live with abandon
To the highest mountain top
And live in a cabin

To go somewhere
Where the world doesn't know
To love you fully
And where you never need to go

I love you Marissa
That's all I'm trying to say
And for you I'll do anything
Anytime, any day
I wrote this for my fiance
alexamartin Oct 2016
He is invisible
He is a welcomed guest from god
He is unpredictable like that of a storm
He is like the snowflakes full of calm and peace
I tried to find him but as I came closer I was digging my own burial chamber
The thought of losing him vanishes the smile on my face and makes me cry
I love him and his absence reminds me of suicide
My parents hated him because he was an atheist
Just a crack on my vein makes him visible
My parents blamed
My teachers shouted
My friends ignored

But I didn’t care because he was the eternal to me
He was the only one who was with me when I was alone, yet he was invisible
I had enough queries to solve myself but I know the answer was him
He was the answer to all my queries
Once we were inseparable but he left me alone with the promise he will come again forever
I followed him again but he unfollowed and repeated the same words
I was secluded when I was with him
His entry to my life with the red roses was the final contact
He at last wanted my soul instead of my heart and I gave him and that was MY END…….
* He referred here is Death.
Bhavika G Mar 2016
Let's elope in this radiance
of a sunshine
that promises to sketch
for Always.
tentatively blue-white clouds
peeking alarmingly from around
the red-orange-yellow brilliance
that the sun is.
Let's elope now
so maybe the winds
will set sail our ship
not too wildly
not too slowly
just the right amount
Let's elope and
Paradise will chase us.
Terry Collett Feb 2016
We arrive
in Scotland

and find the
old guest house
and book in

and settle
in our room
with one bed

(a double)
a tall boy
chest of drawers

and a small
old dressing
table near

the window
well we're here
Rachel says

here alone
just us two
I watch her

standing there
our parents
(her father

my mother)
back at home

where we were
five hours long
train journey

I utter
wanting to
undress her

and get her
into bed
but stand there

waiting for
her to say
do you think

they will know
where we are?
she asks me

of course not
how could they?
she's unsure

and anxious
Daddy'll be
mad at us

going off
like we have
I hold her

close to me
kiss her neck
we're here now

as we planned
in Scotland
us alone

in this room
us lovers
she turns round

and we kiss
the best kiss
that we have

ever had
and we're free
to kiss now

and make love
in the bed
without fear

our parents
will see us
and she is

thinking of
her father

the doctor
and I think
of Mother

the staff nurse
she was right

when she said
to me when
I came out

of Rachel's
room last night
and she said

I don't want
you in her
room ever

again do
you hear me?
we are here

in our room
now Mother
and we will

get undressed
into bed
and make love

not just once
but maybe
more than that

it's raining
Rachel says
can't go out

and we look
at the bed
then undress

and we're there
stark naked

to rain fall
while back home

the echo
of parents
and their call.
Pankhuri Oct 2014
Didn’t you ever
Hear the Saints of Night
The way they lingered and whispered
And took away all our fright.
That one brusque evening
You looked into eyes
Stars spelled wisdom
And burned away sins
All the skies.
Akin to my demons
My fears spelled the plight
Of virtue and forgiveness
How did you make it all right?

Drunk in a café
Under the beach house
At night.
You smiled like it could
Last and that is why I sighed
With hope that this moment
Could freeze but you turn
To tell me: it’s over,
The hard part has begun.

We danced on shattered glass
As our feet bled to bone
But happy, oh, I was
I didn’t have to be alone.
The moonlight shone brightly
And razed all my homes
Of free falls and train wrecks
The silence choked me more.

It stung, the common sight
Of being apart and far off
The shore.
I swore I could plunge in
Deep and let go.
It purged me of essentials
To let my memories
Out the door.
But conviction that held me
Urged me to get off
The floor.

The friend that I needed
Was killed in a war
Of preposterous vulnerability
That I couldn’t evade
Even now.
I searched and I failed
Till one night I saw
I didn’t need my friend
Or an image for someone
To draw.
I slipped into a rabbit hole
That I knew held the key
To a place if I entered
I would not flee.
There you stood with shoulders
So broad and so sure
If I was in a crisis
You’d do more than just cure.

Now we’re back to the Café
The beach house
At night.
It’s stormy and ravenous
Of destruction tonight.
You’re talking and slowly
Your breath means more
Than the humour that escapes
Your perpetuating aura-

Let’s elope.
X Oct 2014
She drives me away to a perfect getaway
She flies me to a land of runaways
She makes me want to stay
And I've got no say

— The End —