Anna Skinner Feb 9

heartbreak brings out the best in me
eloquent words bleeding onto crumbled pages
lost from the light

the majority of my veins
is weighed down by red wine
violet-stained lips like i've been
sucking blood
give us this day our daily bread
instead, i've been sucking souls
from those
i love

forgive me, father, for i have sinned
buried among too many sheets
intoxication boiling just beneath the surface
making friends with all my scars

i really need to stop giving excuses for you
your righteousness carving silver secrets
into the plains of my hips
let me shed my secret
ripe skin stretched taut against bone
bleeds the easiest
hurts the most

at least i have something to remember you by
defensive wounds meant for your heart
flaying myself for your wrongdoings

i see in lilac sunsets
eternally it is i who stands the sinner
as the sun of the day plunges me into
the familiar ache of moonlight
i repent
punish myself
12 silver, sacred Hail Mary's
shedding blood as a
sacrificial apology
and a new day starts, an indigo dawn
but i don't have enough blood
for the both of us

freestylin' it
Anna Skinner Jan 23

give me your sorrow, I'll turn it to stone
give me your scars, I'll turn them to stories

scald me with your molten steel sadness and
watch art bloom from your suffering

erase silver scratch thoughts and
drift away to the scrawl of my pen

watch your pain tattoo these lines, scalding my veins
and spilling onto these pages

Pauline Russell Jul 2016

Soon my friend you will unfold
For I know the deeds you hold
For you shine with the gleamer of hope
When with all the agony I can't cope

Soon my friend you will drip precious rubies
You will comfort and sooth me
When nothing else can console
You are there to create the flow

Soon my friend you'll bite my skin
Save me from the sorrow that's within
You'll transfer the pain swelling in my head
You'll drip with precious rubies bright and red

anastasiad Jun 2016

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Laser Cutter
Pauline Russell Jun 2016

A canvas freash and white
Paint that's red and bright
Strokes placed with care
All done with the blankets stare
She drains her soul on to the canvas
For the final picture she is anxious
Sadly she will never see it
For amongst the paint she sits
Help was the only word upon her skin
Carved over old creations again and again
This newest piece of art
Is when she finally split her wrist and fell apart

Pauline Russell May 2016

One cut, two cut, three cut, four
Watch my blood spill on the floor
Five cut, six cut, seven cut, eight
Isn't this life just fucking great
Nine cut, ten
Here we go again

One cut, two cut, three cut, four
Sinking every day a little more
Five cut, six cut, seven cut, eight
Future is up to chance and fate
Nine cut, ten
This fucked up game I'll never win

Pauline Russell May 2016

In the very dark of night
Where everything is out of sight
With a knife on pale white flesh
I made a creation, new and fresh
Bright and red I drew some reins
Trying to redirect the pain
Away from my swelling brain
So some sanity I might retain
But once I started I couldn't refrain
Knife sliced, blood flew
Laughter ensued
Now my body looks like tracks of a train
Everything still remains
Pain and agony I stubbornly retain
Nothing lost well ever be regained
Like the sand on the beach, I'm but a grain

Pauline Russell May 2016

Have these feeling and their all wrong
No sleep again all night long

Don't mind the blood splattered on the walls
Or on the floor, from my hand where it falls

It's nothing really just the same old song
My demons just wanted me to sing along

Pauline Russell May 2016

Please stay
Long days
Without you
Feeling blue
Is strange
World rearranged
Please stay
Make away
You'll leave
Long sleeves
I'll grive
I'll cleave
Please stay
Love, forever & a day

thehiddenwriter May 2016

She cuts herself,
Hand legs and places no one can ever think of.

When she trusts me enough and shows me her scar,
I just curse life,
For a girl like her,
A million scars embedded in her like a punishment she got for living.

Why did you do that?
It hurts me so bad,
I just hold her close and stay sorry,
" sorry that I took so long to find you, punish me"
Tears start slipping down my eyes and she hugs her pain away.

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