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Statistics prove we come out of the blue. Q. do I have to
read the instructions slightly with knees bent and far apart,
or stand with one foot on the toilet seat wrapper?
Say yes to that and we'll say 'Well done, my inspiring layabout!'

Yes, to you it's that simple:  benefit scrounger has finally realised that the right way
to bring up a family is available in a range of absorbencies.
The big test will be to see if he is role model for his urinary opening
and the toilet seat with knees.

You should also be aware that if you enjoy a long life, some insurers may ask you
to undertake. How pleasing to read that super skiver walks out within weeks!
It makes me wonder how many other equally fit wasters insert a fresh
menstrual odour, return the coupon overleaf.

Carefully remove the thumb and ******* to hold someone
who suddenly loses the leading market research company when standing up.
Not surprisingly we will never increase it, your life expectancy,
less than a pint of milk or a first class stamp.

As soon as your fingers touch choice of welcome gift, things like a coffin,
disbursements and documents, the use of a chapel of rest when going to the loo.
And you only need to look at mixed case of wine or DVD mini-cruise,
fainting near ****** every 4-8 hours if you need to.

You should talk to your doctor before using carefully selected organisations
for the rest of your life.
It's all very well for scrounger, has got back his peace of mind, nose and ******.  
Doctor out with the ****** first thing. The ****** may be flush,
deliberately sponging off kids and Association of British Insurers.

If you are tense, why not ask us for a no-obligation quote
and your muscles will remember your ****** slopes.
The younger you administers financial products and services with no kind
of naming and shaming campaign, when they are clearly fit for hope.

I hope it makes the benefits office look closer into why the ***** is a flexible membrane  
and 24-hour customer careline. It's the nation's most popular maybe, worn in the ******.
Equally if you were to die soon after the first two cremations and burials,
we won't ask you anything after the recommended time and white fibre.

Shame others **** out the spongers because it's good to see
skivers are allowed better diets and both hands free.  
Read the rest of this feature forwards at the same angle
you also enclose no one knows what, hygienically.

We understand that bus driver to your vaginal opening may help you
enjoy your golden years.
That can be a real help, providing a multiexperienced health hearse.
Insert your main reason medium to heavy worst happened to you
with no hard earned, complacent acceptance.

Fortunately he has immediately become a good guts to always
use the wish to wear a slim applicator for starters.
Unless you have some spare best protection and comfort, choose benefits system
that allowed his beaming proud smile and thousands of others.

Five readers are delighted the dad of a bus driver got a job as grooved rings
at the light and started death information pack today,
made from glossy paper to help hanging outside your body,
which can vary from day to day.

Every woman has her own unique eight years on the dole,
portion of the box embossed with a code.
Can a ****** get lost in very light to light flow,
going to refreshing change it would make on the dole?

You can also  essentially eliminate the risk of menstrual TSS
by not using professionals and counsellors.
Let's hope more idle parasites use your other hand to
fold back the skin that flushed down the toilet, if there is no litter.

Other parasites like the taxpayer can reduce the risk of living longer,
because none of us know acceptance - as complicated as you might think!
Don't leave it too late, achieve something our social system has failed to do.
Point the tube if you think that sounds of ashes, following a special living clinic.

Older women might want at your funeral to buy something,
those aged policyholders milking the system (multipack only).  
Your death could start from as little as the flow
absorbed before it leaves the body.

They could work but chose a pad instead of a ****** at least once each day.
These could easily add several compliments,
ads, flowers, congratulations etc.
All of them may not be present.  

Clearly at least one super scrounger has triple travel
accident **** opening they can look up to,
guaranteed 'fighting fit' with the removal cord  
fainting comfortably inside you.

In fairness to parasites, his footsteps work and he has gone.
Things have got pretty bad when we have to rely on work - what an indictment of a state!
One month after you're paid, you're aged 50-80, made of absorbent material
(cotton and muscle aches).

To all those still working in a couple of months,
for your own cremation crust grafting,
every penny counts, which is why so many never rise.
Why the average person's bottom of the outer tube, same happening.

If you were to die from rayon sun out and featured over land,
gently rotate it or move the rounded
tip of reasons. If you were to die happy with the product,
can you imagine the wide apart or squat postage is interested?  

After eight skiver stories inspire highly loved ones
you're looking to leave biodegradeable,
use your ****** and replace between periods.
He has already found there is self-esteem in illness that can be fatal.

Out there, notice of death fixed for life.
There, together with a quotation,
we've specially prepared medical
burial headstone to help you fill in your application.

There's no way I can make this sound any better:
Get a job asked Time, a partner Place, cover your visible virginity.
If the applicator doesn't slide in the applicator in the
applicator,  remove the applicator from the applicator firmly.

Take a few breaths, guaranteed menstrual flow pattern.
Then again, everyone's heard the sad story of more exercise.
Taking out a plan is nowhere near when the unexpected might happen.
Stylish Parker pen has fat backsides.
JM Romig Apr 2015
everybody’s angel bodies
find happening midnight
on Kansas pavements
hipsters’ motherwords are wholely robed by time
instant everything is ordinary
buggered city  immortals --
annoyed, parentless, marijuana everymans
swiftly digging unknown eternity
groaning strange in the long mysterious night
roaring, vibrating kindness
from their holy tongues
blazing inner hideous human gold
draining ***** forever
draining everything
forever -
Moloch, Buddha, Abyss
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Mostly a Cutup from "Daydreaming of Ginsberg" by Jack Kerouac, and "Footnote to Howl" by Allen Ginsberg. NaPoWriMo 2015

To make sense of it, imagine its explaining the modern world to the beat generation in their own language.
JM Romig Apr 2015
Old gentle vague dark sea
stars uncoffined above
my drummer grave
blind of age,
meet Mr. Numb Feelgood
he is dying - chasing smoke,  
following a blind parade
wanderin’ anywhere forked like Yes
at every dusty, homely, strange-eyed landmark
until driven deep down dead

Dear old diamonds,
my sleepy southern song spell fades ,
my past was a young clown
dancing, swingin' my magic heels
raging and cursing death’s grip on time

Now, I feel that morning’s fierce burn
vanishing into a tambourine memory
and I’m caught madly dreaming
against the ragged anywhere
to return green tomorrow
This poem was composed primarily from words found in Bob Dylan's "Tambourine Man", Dylan Thomas' "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night", and Thomas Hardy's Drummer Hodge

Ember Evanescent Jan 2015
Even though you're cut and hurt
Beautiful flowers
Are the ones people choose to cut
and keep
Motivation, I guess.

— The End —