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  Dec 2019 Sabrina
I am a light switch!

You see,
when I am switched on
suddenly everything turns bright,

and when I am switched off
I become one with the darkness

I could be too bright at times,
or a an utterly dark self

It is hard to recognize me
when it is dark,
I am unseen

But I cannot recognize myself
when it is bright,
I am blinded

All I need is
the right trigger
to turn a bright room
into a graveyard

So please be more
careful with me

I am a light switch
Sabrina Dec 2019
I am selfish
Let me rephrase
I feel selfish
though I am not
for wanting to be free
from this skin of mine
to have no desire to continue living
for no reason
except that I am tired
I am exhausted
I am numb
I am unhappy
I am not selfish
I am just depressed.
Sabrina Apr 2017
It takes a tremendous
Amount of pain
To make a person want to
Slice their skin apart.
So please watch what you say
Us self-harmers still have
A heart♥
I'm actually in a lot of pain right now. Things have been rough. But I hope you like my poem. :)
  Apr 2017 Sabrina
When you're in your darkest hour,
I'll be there to knock you farther.
I'll make you believe I care.
It'll get so bad, you'll always need me there.
You'll say you hate me and try to leave,
But you'll come back as quick as you breathe.
You don't know it, but I've trapped you.
You want to tell someone but you don't know who.
I've made you think that no one wants you around.
You turn to me, unaware that I'm only going to knock you down.
Your friends try to help but I scare them away.
They see what you don't so you don't understand the hurtful words they say.
All this pain brings you closer to me.
You're too far in, now you'll never see.
You'll never go back to the girl you were before.
Because I've locker her away and took the key to the door.
I've made you believe that you were'nt pretty before you met me.
You thought you'd be strong enough to resist, you underestimated the power of an ED
  Apr 2017 Sabrina
Mist N' Ollie
Waves crashing, upon my heart,
All I've come to know, was ripped apart,
My clean arms, have bleeding scars,
My thoughts, have been butchered,
Emotions never ending, bottled up inside,
The screams you never hear, the ones I always hide,
In this lonesome room, yet another,
  Apr 2017 Sabrina

I hope this hole in my heart
is big enough to hold my coffin,
because I no longer have the energy
to dig my own grave
  Apr 2017 Sabrina
Lost Poet
Do you ever feel stuck,
Pulling and stretching,
Just to get out of your skin?

People see and smile,
Their stupid pity glow,
Expecting it to fix it all.

So you just scream it off,
Until the blood pours,
And police coming running.

With their sympathy and happy pills.
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