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Aug 26
They say she is ****
She was just a girl
Her father neglected her
Her cousins abused her
Her friend ***** her
She was just a girl
She looked into the mirror
Why aren't I pretty?
She was bullied everywhere she went
She was too fat
Too dumb
Too ****
Too this
Too that
So her best friend was some ****
And some coke
She was with **** for awhile
But she drowned herself with *** in her room
With the lights off
She was just a girl
She wanted to be loved
She started cutting
Almost died about a dozen times
Once a truck
Twice a noose
Three times she tried to drown
Four slitting her veins
Twice an overdose
No one cared though
She was just a girl
She was ***
Everywhere she went she was called a ***
She tried to date
But she messed up too many times
She just wanted attention
They were scared of her depression
They thought she was bad
But really...
She was just a girl
She was scared of the world
Her dad and cousins
******* her up
She stopped speaking
Stopped smiling
She lost friends
Lost hope
Lost love
this is about me, the old me that I killed, I am no longer that person, I don't even Identify as a girl anymore, but I am just as empty
Written by
Jay  15/Non-binary/NC
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