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yet she's so nice-
one struggles not to dream
for she's so nice-
yet not as cruel as it seems

hard to imagine-
imagining that she thinks alike
never, don't be stupid-
not in a million years, alright

but then a tap comes to greet me,
on my back not discretely
I swear I jumped slightly-
when she sat right beside me
she came to see him!
Ek Apr 10
I am an expert at crushes;

From the age of when I could walk
To the latest of my blinks
I have had a crush

I admire from afar
If they approach me
I melt

Once a guy liked me back
And I was ecstatic
But it ended in storms

See, I couldn’t reciprocate
Even if my heart
Wanted to

I’m scared I cannot love
Or haven’t love to give
I’m scared I cannot voice
My loveliest feelings
ktle Apr 6
I took down my clouds and my stars
Exhausted and frightened of my pain.
As I began to pack my heart away
He took my hand and whispered my name.
He unpacked the box of night and day
Smiled, and wiped my tears away.

And like that,
I learned
to love again.
ktle Apr 6
I swear there will come a day
When his voice doesn’t prompt your head to turn,
Heart pounding and insides dancing.

You’ll wake up one morning
To find the world bleak and greying.
You’ll see the ghost of him
in the clouds
And smell his scent
on your shirts,
But one day the sadness will get bored,
And one day, it will no longer hurt.

But the most beautiful thing will be
To find that you accidentally
left the door open and
With your back turned, in will walk
A guest with a smile and outstretched hand.
The moment you touch his skin and meet his eyes
You’ll be surprised to find yourself once again
Under pink skies.

Then you will think back and smile happily
At him, who once hurt you so painfully.
The morning spring will kiss your heart
And with a smile,
you will find
the strength to part.
spring has returned
Rosy cheeks, jet black hair
Elegant scent that filled the air
Cheeky smile, brightest eyes
Extremely humorous and wise

He was the so-called ideal
He had a gentleman's appeal
Just like a prince charming
So handsome and alarming

He was "perfect" and "intact"
But it does not change the fact
That despite his perfection
I hate him, not to mention

"Impossible!" the others exclaim
I dislike mentioning his name
He's cute and also he's smart
I don't like it even from the start!

He's witty and he's calm
He would never beg for alm
I'm not envious, of course not
It's even deeper than you thought

He's not that bad, I could honestly say
With that, I'll try to explain anyway
Why do I hate him? Is he secretly bad?
Well here is a thing that drives me mad

He's caring and he's kind
For a little piece of mind
He's helpful, courageous
Many says that he's gorgeous

Everytime I steal a glance
It makes my heart flutter and dance
When he laughs and smiles
I remember and cherish it every while

So I hate him, a lot more than one
For one small crime that he has done
He could've just asked or give warning
He stole my heart and had me falling
Newbie here
Jules AA Apr 4
“*******,” I tell myself, you’ve just sat down and I’ve already melted on the bench,
You’re the sun and I’m the spat out piece of gum
Whose flavor fades too fast, plastered on the sidewalk.
And today is hot.
I tell myself not to look, not to blind myself, but I know I won’t look away,
I’m glad you’re next to me though, even just talking to me this once,
Like I waited a week and a half for this exact situation but I’m blanking now,
What had I even wanted to do again? I guess just to stare at your face while I can,
because *******.
I'll only get to for a minute, after all you shouldn’t stare at the sun too long.
Besides, you have more important place to be, other better places
To shine your light on than this one old piece of gum
Whose flavor faded too fast on the sidewalk.
Pixie Ellis Feb 16
And oh do you have some nerve,
Stroking my hair on the coach ride home
Then leaving me before our stop.

You smile and laugh,
Like every word we share is an inside joke
And then leave before I have time to open my eyes.

But now they've never been wider,
I may have had them closed the whole ride back,
When I rest my head on your chest,
But your ribs hold no weight.

My head is filled with helium,
I'll float myself away from you so fast and
I should have known when I noticed your seatbelt was undone.

That I was never going to be a concern to you,
That you feel no guilt for the casualties.
I feel like I only ever write about the guy I have a crush on but life goes on
Poolza Feb 12
Crushing on you is
Just like cutting my own skin
It only hurts me

I knew this sonnet would be about you
Even cig'rettes cannot distract me
No one has caught my eye the way you do
And your smile is never ending
You're sweet and charming and kind and wise
Your skin was burnt from the hell you've been through
I promise I will not tell you lies
Because your spell forbids the untrue
When I look at you my heart stops
And I know how cliche that is
Those times in the snow I have not forgot
I smile when I think about our kiss
But is this truly all for you?
Or am I just feeling blue
I wrote this for my Shakespeare class. This helped me get started again.
tatiana Jan 20
so i like a girl.
and this infatuation
this attraction
has developed in short time,
received in short notice

and it started out with the small things

like how her beautiful tan skin
sorta glowed in the midst of
sunny daylight

like how the polish filled with
hues of blue
seemed to gradually
peel away at the
cracked seams

oh! oh and like how
easy it was to get her
that way whenever I felt
I could always find the
comforting warmth
that the play on her lips

ha, and another is that
she couldn't really hear
when there was a towel wrapped
around her ears
or when a gust of air from the fan
shot pass them,
trapping her in an imperfect silence

yeah it all kinda started with that

but you know I also fall for the big things too

like how her eyes illuminate with the words of her passion
how her voice climbs a little and
her smile getting
impossibly more

yes and I also like the
honesty that
from her aura
how she stays true to her
knows her
and acts with such confidence it makes my heart ache in
both envy and longing

and it's crazy,
i mean
how infatuation keeps
chasing me

how it clung to me the
first chance it got

and I wish there was
more time
so that I could make the
feelings seem more

less impulsive
slow them down
a bit

but like I said times before,
I just can't help it.

and I wish I could
shoo them away
like a fly on a typical hot summer's day

cause I know that those
feelings won't be reciprocated

but I guess it's not
natural that way

so inevitably
I'll just have to allow these
called feelings,
once again,
to stay

sulking and
throwing a
pity party,
day to day.
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