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Pixie Ellis Apr 2018
It was nice meeting you.

I bet you didn’t know you’re the first guy I ever tried to hit on. I bet you didn’t know I prepped for this conversation for a week. I bet you didn’t know how deep my heart sunk when I saw you go upstairs with another girl.

Thank you for being the first guy who’s ever flirted with me. Thank you for the pink gin. Thank you for the hand you placed on my back when you hugged me goodbye.

It was nice talking to you.

I know you falling on me was a move, even though you said it wasn’t. I know sitting and listening to the story of how I met J was a move. I know you like L. I know deep down she probably likes you too, I did.

It was nice that you didn’t message me after the party.

But I bet you didn’t know that I would of loved you with my whole heart. That I would of wrote you love letters and made you mixtapes of songs that reminded me of you. Thank you for making me realise that the right guy will come along, but that guy isn’t you. I know I’ll always be that girl at the party who’s name you can’t remember, or face you can’t place but I don’t lie.

It was nice meeting you.

I hope one day we’ll meet again.

— p.d.e
Christian Ek  Sep 2014
Christian Ek Sep 2014
The two felt a chemical attraction.
Serotonin leaked onto his uncovered skin.
He couldn't speak, his tongue dried, dehydrated by her heat.
**** those eyes were like Kryptonite, He had pride in himself for being a statue.
Smooth as a razor blade he came out of that conversation dull.
The wrong impression was given since he had handed her rotten flowers.
Give me a second to recollect my thoughts and bring them back from the stunned blackout, wow, you are such a powerful knockout.
I'm fixing my posture and choosing my words right.
Our symbols are well matched and I'm not talking astrology, I'm talking chemistry.
Two different colors mixed together makes her blush and makes me crush.
thedrugsdontwork  Oct 2018
oh boy
thedrugsdontwork Oct 2018
oh boy, you make my heart wonder

no, stop, i can't like my best friend

your eyes are so enchanting

no, what am I doing?

the way you walk, the way you talk...

oh boy what have I gotten myself into?

I have to make sure you'll never figure out
that'll for sure ruin our friendship,
our 119 day streak on Snapchat(ha) ,
and your name will disappear from my number one bestfriend spot...

we won't do photo shoots anymore,
or take long cars rides to the middle of nowhere

we won't lay in your backyard under the stars
asking stupid  questions about life

we won't cry together over heartbreaks

we won't laugh at absolutely nothing at 2:00 in the morning

i can't tell you how I feel

you'll always see me as just a friend...

oh boy
Elisa Benaggoune Dec 2018
you told your mother
that I was the sweetest girl
you’ve ever met out of all the
girls who were your lovers
but you decided
to tear me apart
and make me the other women
whilst kissing another girl
at a Christmas Fair
that we were supposed to go to together

luckily I’m my own person
And I never was really the
other women you wanted me to be
all you managed to do to me
was hurt me
so very easily
and that time,
you didn’t tell your mother

This Christmas
I will be spending it
with my family
thinking of another person
who I want to sit
and talk to about
how he’s here (right now)  
whilst I am too

and this time, I was the one
who I did tell my mother
about him.
A poem about how I got cheated on by someone I loved years ago, whom I recently came out of a 3 year relationship which was toxic due to the fact I got cheated on and it traumatised me. But this year, in memory of it being Christmas when it happened and I found out years ago I’m spending it single thinking about someone whom I am crushing on and it’s far better. It’s also quite heart wrenching though because it’s still very vivid due to the fact it’s that time when it happened. But enjoy :)
ktle Jan 19
I fell in love with you.
The time before I knew you feels oddly incomplete
Like the universe has been conspiring
My every step so that I would take the paths leading to you.
I think I knew my entire life
That one day that I would be by your side
Laughing, smiling and inevitably falling.
I knew because you were the one in my dreams. I realize now that
You were the reason why my bones kept tingling and wouldn't settle.

I want you to know that girls like me
Are cautious and afraid to fall in love for the first time.
Girls like me are calculative and hesitant
Because we are too afraid to pay for our mistakes;
We were taught that we are only made of our successes
And that every failure will become a hidden scar
We must be careful to never repeat.
But you came and made me reckless;
I made my decisions blindly and allowed myself
To forget about everything else in the world except you.
I’d trip racing to fall asleep each night just to see you the next day,
All I’d eat was your attention to feed the butterflies in my stomach,
And all I could see were the moments we had and the future we could write.
And even when the scars became so many
That they could no longer be hidden under my clothes
I kept falling deeper and deeper in love you with.
I decided that the pain wasn’t at all bad,
That the wounds were worth every moment of your friendship.

I am envious of the me in another world who was led to you
And who is free to keep loving you, but
It gives me a grain of comfort knowing that somewhere else
You and I are happily listening to our favorite songs
On a rainy Thursday evening, happily and forever in love.
But in this world, it will only be me who falls
So painfully and deeply and foolishly and madly
And beautifully
In love with you.
"The First" and the end of the first.
zebra Feb 2017
forgive me my darling
hollow beauty
but seeing you so gaunt
sunken dark eyes
and skin like gray soap
makes me feel
your easily breakable
already so close to death
my **** could crack your pelvis
and bird delicate ribs

inspired skeleton dancing
your body exclaims to all
a sensual exhibition
of slow suicide
my bloodless blossom
brave breatharian
your favorite math
by multiplied
delicious starvations

you may need a strong man
deaths final instrument
who will love you
with tender crushes
darkly ******

come naked
spread wide my lovely grotesque
nestle in my arms
coffins embrace
to be bruised
while tremulously kissed
i will turn you to crumbles and powder
to finish sweetly
what you have started so long ago
My poems remain explorations of the subconscious ******
If i where a film maker or a novelist  you  would see me telling a story, not judge me, although i admit to my paraphilias  
These poems  are lunar anamorphic streams of consciousness from the deep chaotic subterranean glitz of transgressive  impulses we all share
Read them if you dare...You might find that part of yourself that you don't want you to know about and then again  you may feel more complete some how if you do....I always loved that dark thing that sleeps with in me
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