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i hope you drown in those eggshells
you had to walk on.
mope after your fake crown, you fell,
what a shock, withdrawn
and when you're done, beg in hell
for a key to a lock gone.
- spellthief
your name is a trigger
for being wanted,
but not loved all the way through.
for being mirror that only reflects the good in you when you feel bad, sad or lonely.
your face triggers seeing myself walking on eggshells
and keeping one foot out the door in love.
your hands are a trigger for being held not tight enough and not nearly long enough.
your existence is a trigger of unrequited love that won’t stop
or fall apart like it should.
Pyrrha Mar 3
I used to gaze at the clouds all day long
I used to love to dance in the rain
I used to love the sunshine on my skin
now I never go outside
I just watch as passion seeps from my life

I used to walk on eggshells for you
I never let them crack or make a sound
I used to stand on a pedestal with you
despite my fear of heights
but what did you ever sacrifice for me?

I'm not the same as I once was
the smiles that I wore
have all gone out of season and expired
but out of all the things that I have loved and lost
you are the one goodbye I don't regret

Keep your pedestal
I'm building myself a shrine
A person like me
Was meant to be worshipped
when we were kids we used to play that the floor is lava
but with you it's not lava
it's eggshells
and i'm tired of walking on them.

and sometimes just to amp things up
you like to bury mines for me to step on
and then set them off under my feet
and then come and kick me when i'm down.

your words are backwards
they seem nice but they mean hate
you say we're good but i know better
and i know about the webs you create
for human flies to fall into.

you like having me on a string like a puppet
but i don't dance unless i like the music
and yours *****.
Alaina Moore May 2018
Skills we don't teach:
How to articulate
to someone you love,
at their weakest state.
In an empowering way;
Negating the overwhelming
you feel inside.
Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
such a heavy load you have there
that chip sitting on your shoulder
why not just let it go
let it go before it's a boulder

thicken up your skin a bit
don't jump so quick to defense
nobody's out to get you
you don't have to be so intense

I hate walking on eggshells
I really don't want them to crack
so remove all those shells, brush off the chip
and cut everybody some slack!
This one is for me, too, at times! :-)
Amanda Mar 2018
Our friendship is still fragile
Treat it like glass
I am still a little scared
Doubt loves to harass

There is a piece missing
Easy to overlook
It is hard to say
Which one you took

My heart feels
Like it is gonna bust
The most important thing is broken;
Our eggshell thin trust
A super old one I made a few changes but it didn't really need too much improvement.
Sienna Luna Jan 2017
The first of any month

is strange like

the peeling of a

hard boiled egg

where the sharp shards

if shell get all

stuck up

in cold fingernails

and the rubbery white

sphere of molded egg

jiggles and slips

plopping hard

on the white tiled floor

but it never breaks

just keeps it's shape

staying whole and

rolling off past the kitchen

and onto the warm

living room rug

where it stays

stuck and melting

becoming one with

the ruby red color

like a round white eye

glaring up at the world

unable to blink.
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