Too much Too much Too much
Anxiety stands over me, looking down at false mistakes
Too much Too much Too much
I look up with pride in my eyes, I'm free of sin you ****
Too much Too much Too much
Subtract that value, they don't care, nor will I.
Too much Too much Too much
They all seem to hate me,
I feel the stares, I hear the jokes,
Is it me?
           Or them?
                         Or you?
I know I am new, and maybe that is it,
but such anxiety over something so small is new,
and old but I thought I had overcome the past.

Maybe I should ask...
Does position matter when neither place holds value,
when you're not supposed to care yet you still fall into the wrong place,
or when all others see you moving down, and so do you, but you're happy.

For now.
"Sometimes you need to ask yourself: what do I need to do to get a ******* today? Or at least soon ya know? Of course you don't want a looker, that is bad for the environment & you ( also doesn't look too good on the resume).   I have failed to find any legit strats- except maybe going into **** or a legitimate relationship. But it doesn't pay well and the other is a lot of work. What to do?"
- d.m.
Some people think differently
Loose that inspiration,
off like a gun,


These rounds may miss, but the recoil is the goal,
free that pent up energy, just reach flux once again.
She seems to care, is my greedy ideology,
We see through fair, its by fleeting ecology,
a balance between organisms, but how can you balance on a pinpoint with no end?
I ignore all warnings,
to fulfill the burning hole
in my chest, in my throat, in my head,
Like a net I am everywhere, yet all falls through.
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