They say to dream big but only talk small.
When did I become someone with problems?
Relationships suddenly feel like climbing a mountain just find another peak,
Money is getting tight, yet I started with none,
Time is closing in on this newborn.

The inevitable gain of value in a person
will also lead that same individuals demise.
Its all skewed
Keep all your chicken scratch notes,
and all those goddamned 'subtle' touches.
you don't fit in this story.
No thank you
"As is,"
"Leave it at that,"
"When I say, you do."

All of this focus on control and power,
yet those 'in' power-
are in the worst place,
the most stressed, the most feared,
a superlative disgrace,
and it all goes downhill as the end nears.
Just dont pull me down when it all starts to fall from beneath you.
Hope is a hell of a drug.
"Yeah shes in the hospital"
"Dont say anything though..."

How could you say that to the only person who truly cares?
One who could always make me smile, or feel light as air,
she may not mean what you think, so pull up a chair.

Laughter and poor taste, leave all to gather, and much to waste
time, money, and all that matters,
but when you feel such joy with 'just' a friend,
"Dont say anything though...", really is just a punch to the liver.
Get better buddy
Just a fling,
just a thing,
what shall I bring?

2 servings of joy,
a pinch of serenity,
and a bell just to ring

After years of toil, and digging through the soil,
an old man may still look for purpose,
or just for that one who made him feel,
joyous emotional inspiration.
He may have shuffled his deck;

but the only card she saw was the fool,
he may be an ace of spades, or a king of hearts,
but the only card she saw was the fool.

So he will struggle, onwards to the end,
be it victory,
or history...
Six of Diamonds
All Thanks!
To those near and to those far,
from the great waves with crests akin to that of a mare,
and the beaches who accept these wild forces,
with open arms of sand and debris of stories untold in unknown waters.
And as these sands of time foster hardy grasses,
These grasses shelter the seeds of tall palms,
Palms foretold to watch over the hermits in their caves,
and to guard young starlings,
whose wings float high above all.
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