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Randy Johnson Jun 23
Just one month ago, you were walking around.  
But now you're dead and buried in the ground.
So much can change in just the blink of an eye.
You went too soon, forty-eight was too young to die.
Forty years ago in 1979, we became friends.
I wish that your life hadn't come to an end.
On the 3rd day of June, you took your final breath.
You overdosed on drugs and it caused your death.
Because you were a drug user, you didn't survive.
Drugs eventually ****, that's why you're no longer alive.
Terry Collett Sep 2018
Close the door,
Netanya said,
keep other ears
from hearing,
and don't stand there
with a face like death.

I closed the door
with a gentle click
and stood behind her
at the dressing table.

What is it?

Who was she
who gave you
a lift home from work?

Just a girl
from soft furnishings.

She began
to apply lipstick
gazing at me
in the mirror.

Why you?

Why me what?

Why did she
give you a lift?

I sat on the bed behind
and watched her.

She said she was
going my way.

How does she
know your way?

She put down
her lipstick
and began to pluck
her brows.

Must have seen me
I guess.

What do you
do with her
in soft furnishings?

I watched her pluck
and saw how curved
her body was.

Nothing except walk
through it now and then.

Bet she has you
try out those beds.

She glanced at me
behind her on the bed.

Of course not
she's too busy for that.

She finished plucking.

Brush my hair for me.

I stood up
and she handed me
the brush and I began.

Bet she fancies you.

Her hair was brown
and fine.

She's pregnant.

She frowns.
Yours, is it?

I steady her head
and brush.

No if course not.

Bet you had her
after work.

She gazed at me
in the mirror
as I brushed.

the TV blared.

You know I wouldn't.

Do I?

I finished brushing
and handed her
the brush.

She said no more.

Just her look
and deadly hush.
Terry Collett Oct 2016
So you want to be a
security officer?
What skills can you
offer me that I might
consider you?
The guy Lee said.

I used to box,
Benny said,
eyeing the natty dressed guy
who sat opposite him.

Box what?
The guy asked.

Other men,
Benny replied.

The guy rubbed his chin,
and looked at the notebook
in front of him: ok,
he said,
when can you start?

Next Monday,
Benny said.

Ok meet me here
dead on 9 o'clock
next Monday,
the guy said.

Later Benny told Natanya,
and she said:
a security officer?
What do you know
about security?

Benny said:
jack-****, but he's
taking me on.

She nodded her head:
is the money good?

It's better,
Benny said,
and no more dragging
heavy wagons around
a warehouse.

Isn't it dangerous?
She asked.

No matter; you know
what Nietzsche said?
Benny said.

Who's Nietzsche?
She said,
some friend of yours
at that warehouse?

No, a philosopher,
Benny said.

Well be careful,
I don't want you hurt,
she said.

Benny kissed her
and she became all
amorous and over him.

Not just now, Honey,
I have to get back
to the warehouse
and finish my shift.

O Benny, can't it wait?
Can't you give me any?

Night time or later
when I'm home again,
he said.

she said,
I'll be  
all undressed,
waiting in bed.

— The End —