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Ellis Reyes Feb 7
Blackhawk turning, HIT, cockpit burning
Troops learning of war, yearning for home
Continuing to experiment with poetic forms. My first in a series of Tyburns.
bones lying there together/bleached by the salt water/all flesh has gone south/fish grew fat on seven aircrew/discarded pieces of skeleton/don’t you know they made up aircrew/who flew their manchester bomber/far into germany bombing them in war
from ******* Upside Down In a Blazing Avro Manchester Bomber – Poems from My Life and More

Nick Armbrister
There are people who drive tractors for a living
There are people who ride motorcycles fast
There are times when the two meet
There are times when those meetings are bad
There are times when it's ******* carnage
There are times when the bike rider dies
There are times when he's wrapped round the back wheel
There are times when the bike hits the tractor at 200mph
There are times when both fuel tanks explode
There are times when they miss one another
There are times when the bike drives slowly
There are times when speed limits are respected
There are times when no road laws are broken
There are times when zero accidents take place
There are times when people are sensible
There are times when we all live in fantasy
There are times when we hope this becomes true
from ******* Upside Down In a Blazing Avro Manchester Bomber – Poems from My Life and More

Nick Armbrister
Seanathon Jan 31
No matter how tall you walk
How modern you get
How far you seem to fall
Or how hard you try and forget

The stars will always wink and smile
The waves will always crash goodbye
Just as the sun will always set on you
And the earth will always rise

And so shall you
Until the day you die
Marri Jan 30
Where did I go wrong?
Was it when burnt rubber filled the cold morning air?
Or was it laid against you with your fingers lost in my knotted hair?

Where did you go wrong?
That's something only the universe knows.
Broken, twisted, beautiful--that's how the heart grows.

Ask again: Where did you go wrong?
The answer is in the breeze.
The answers are in the trees.
The answer is not you, but me.

Where did we go wrong?
We watered the weeds growing in our flowerbeds.
We simply left the stove on, and the house burnt red.
We danced in the streets, only to be dead.

Tell me—
Was our love wrong?
Endless, the light of darkness,
Rise, again rise 
Who dare to speak out,
life is dust
And there is no stop after a brief rest

Endless, the light of mysterious soul
Rise, and rise again
Why do the shades of melancholy freeze
illuminating the warped convictions of a 
perverted crash?

Light once knocked 
at the stony tomb of your conscience 
calling out your name. 
Light once allowed,
the light of the resurrection,
Travels with velocity at morning silence.

Follow her, please follow her:
Believe, and believe it  into your soul
Nothing to you is lost
Tell her the truth,
there is a real crash.
Resurrection but relise.

What we have for nothing, lived, suffered!
What was created must perish,
What perished, rise again.
By Angel. XJ  13/01/2020
They said do not change seats on the plane

For we know your name and where you are sat

I am called Fred and I was sat in the aisle seat

I wanted to sit by the window and see the view

Especially as the big Boeing flying boat took off

The water looked so blue and lovely as we sped along

We took off and it was worth changing seats

The elderly man understood and changed

The view was awesome and to die for

The big engines pulling us along to the sky

When we arrived in New York I’d tell my mum

It was Christmas and I had been staying with my aunt

The trip was six hours and I got to look out the window

I would get into trouble if the airline clerks found out

If we crashed and burned or eaten by fish

They would go off our name and seat number

Matching it up to our ticket and passport

I was too young to have a passport

But that was fine for we were safe in the plane

Boeing built big safe planes especially water ones

Just wait till I told my mum about the view

From our big beautiful Boeing flying boat...
from an old film
Nylee Dec 2019
The hope comes crashing
And i wished
I had more time to keep them
Bring them to reality
But destiny
Has games to play
And i am a bad player.

I am getting played
with level getting difficult.
I wish not to continue
But I won't quit
Cause I cannot
Not now, not then
I have to survive
Till the end.

As When it ends
It won't matter
As the people said and i believed.
what comes and goes,
And i stay
struggle with myself
patience running thin.
I've learned a lot
Lot to talk about in age.

In my age
I want to be different
and still fit in
in the crowd and in my jeans.
And my cloud of wishes and hope
have just started to pour
and falling down
Like my tear drops
It is beautiful and ugly
And it will end
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