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outgrown the cradle
generation ships cruising
the stars are all ours
Michael H Jun 3
In all those stories
reacting with youth

everyone is gathered
in my head

I try to free NASA
there are time errors though
with lasers

I need help
thinking about
390 Looking to post something... this is random but I have always liked aeronautics. The US is planning to put a laser into the Earth's orbit, to shoot down missiles from space. Whether for or against I would like to voice soon...
Venus Star Mar 29
is it real, to be lying in the yellow meadows
beneath the willow trees
in our own worlds

is it too good to be true?
in this cosmos
to be dreaming about a willow tree
in a yellow meadow

a simple thought
a pen in my hand
a thought in my head
i wonder what ill dream up next

~the poetry enigma
we go higher than a plane
and further than a car
is it not good enough
to enjoy beauty from afar?

we are the aliens

(we are propelled to take chances
with trajectory toward illumination
lifting off into oblivion
to our new space station)

we build rocket ships
to keep us up to par
is it not good enough
to only wish upon a star?

we are the aliens
What is it I see
When I am looking at you
The stars, planets, and moon
we both like space as in the planets and what not
Erika Joi Jul 2018
I want to wrap you in a blanket of stars,
kiss the moonstones behind your eyelids
and pray to the cosmos that you'd never leave my galaxies.

They say shooting stars aren't always real
but if so then why did my wishes come true?

My shooting star shot through the gleaming sky
and brought along you.

If not to say for certain, I feel this is true love.

L for laughing at the weird things you do.
O for opening up my eyes and realizing you're for me,
just like i'm for you too.
V for visualizing you in my mind, in my head for hours, 100 visions at a time.
Finally, E for the way I claim you as my everything.
persephone Oct 2017
Electric spark seething, gas stove leaking, dial emergency hotline, radio silence, hang up, I'm fine.
We have take-off.
Confined at the exhaustive edge of a panic attack,
I trail the menstrually-stained duvet I bought for us at Ikea behind my trembling heels
as I arrive to stand over you in the living room
and watch you sleep on the International Orange love seat
your mother gave us when we moved in together.
It hurts to think you loved and lusted before our universe came to be,
the flame lit under my lungs reigning supreme
over the way you look at me every day, if only for a moment.
I turn off the harsh florescents
casting unfriendly shadows
from the back of my head
and revolve innumerable times
as I lie helpless in your pull,
a gravitational force luring me
to softly run my fingertips
across the nape of your neck,
where the hair I helped shave off last week is beginning to sprout up again, bristling.
I drop to my knees, dumbfounded by the duality of this moment, our togetherness permeated
by an occasional snore indicating that you still sleep in peace
while I agonize that you would ever stop loving me,
the NASA documentary we watched before you dozed off
overriding our perfect display of domestic tranquility with

N Sep 2016
slow dancing in the dark
like we have all the time in the world

the world isn't a war zone
and a massive grave

the ghosts
in this house peek through the holes
in the ceiling, blushing and turning away
as we kiss

i taste christmas in your mouth
and slowly feel myself flying
through space

                                             was that the yellow balloon i lost
                                             when i was eight?

your laughter in my mouth
brings me back to earth and i apologize
for gripping your hand so tightly

i can't let you float away and never return
like my balloon did
jack of spades Aug 2016
in 2028 we will have a space station circling mars
i have never felt something rattle me so deeply through my heart
my bones will not stop trembling when i look to the stars
i can not stop the twitching in my toes telling me to go
i always threw out “astronaut” as a dream of a dream
something there but always out of reach
but now i know that i can touch down before i’m in my mid-thirties
i see the full moon and i can’t stop the shaking
send me home
send me home
send me home
a teacher asked me if, given the opportunity
would i take a one-way ticket off-planet,
and never look back?
and i laughed
and i told him
mars is not far enough away from earth
send me to saturn and pluto and tie me to halley
i am ready to touch other stars
i love the sun but she is not my Sun
i love the moon but she is not my Moon
i have been sick of earth since i knew that i could be
send me on missions to put it all behind me
“what about your family”
what about anybody?
what about anybody?
i don’t want to be alone in the cold of space
i want to find something out there that might be companionable to the human race
i want to go home
i want to go home
i’m not sure how far that will take me
and i’m not sure how far past it will be from mars
but i know that getting up there will be the hardest part
houston, we’ve got a problem
i don’t have enough rocket fuel to get out of this solar system
let’s use a gravitational slingshot to throw me out of orbit
i’ll love earth when she is the little blue dot on a map of the stars
andromeda holds my heart
send me to mars
send me to mars
let me return to the red of my heart
this is weird bc i rhymed so much??? v different from my usual. idk
i'm just really hype about outer space (as always)
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