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Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
Please never go away
From our little paradise
Where you and I can stay
I don't want to be cold
Laying here all alone
Our story will go untold
So, come back and hold me
So I can melt away my struggle
In our little paradise where we can be
Nayana Nair Mar 2018
My life is divided into different rooms
as is my heart.
For as long as I remember,
from the time I used to care for decorations
to the time I am too lazy to clean up.
From the moments of sweet solitude by the window
to the clinking glasses and winking eyes.
The room belonged more to them
than to me.

And I often found it unsettling,
as if on a night
when I would be hiding under covers
not knowing what to fear,
someone would knock at the door
and with that knock, would come a pair of shoes
and a set of clothes, holding a person
whose face, motive or aim
would soon be inconsequential.

And slowly she would drag me
out of each room,
snatching away each memory that she touched,
knocking down my bookcases filled with my escape,
tearing away the wallpapers
behind which I hid my unvoiced cries.
The doors would be shut on my face,
leaving me out in a storm on a moonless night,
leaving me alone to face all that I didn’t know of
taking away all that I know.
ShowYouLove Feb 2018
The black clouds above blot out the light
The air becomes heavy and it fills me with fright
Shut tight my eyes and cover my ears
Hide under covers fighting my fears
Off in the distance is the sounding of Thunder
And then in one moment the sky split asunder
Dancing lightning setting fire to the sky
And from my mouth escapes a small cry
I am so small and so weak a helpless little child
Hold me close to you while the night rages wild
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2018
*** with you is so much more
Than skin on skin between the covers
When we collide I understand
What it truly means to be lovers
I have never felt such intimacy with anyone on this earth before.
Corey Boiko Jun 2017
I met a girl in France,
Reading the same book!

Except it wasn't quite like that...

So my book turned into a cover.

It seemed I had picked up some thing mesmerizing,
While browsing a train station bookstore.

This tale of desire and loss enticed me,
But wasn't it just cheap fiction?


A girl met me in France,
And we got an empty beach at sunset!

Except it wasn't quite like that...

Trash littered the closing beach
closest to downtown Marseilles.

Loud speakers played
Something upbeat,
Missing its bass,
confusing it.

Even the sky was obscured.
But wasn't it still like that?
true story
Mila Berlioz Jul 2016
I woke up, freezing, in the middle of summer, because of the cold beneath these covers.
I miss you, you've changed.
You're not here, where have you been?
With whom?
Come back, don't leave me with these empty covers.
Will you please, please come back?
Will you take care of me?
Will I not be cold at night?
Come back.
Esther Feb 2016
I cut myself open, peeked inside
to look for remorse
but found none.
You see, it was empty.

as if I had hid under the covers,
forgot to breathe
so that all my insides strangled
and only remembered how to die.
Arturo Hernandez Nov 2015
I build a road
And stacked up
Some stone.
The fireplace
Is ready for the
Both us, won't
You join me?
I have the softest
Of covers, and
The most comfortable
Pillows, love.

Baby, it's cold outside,
Won't you keep me warm?
I have been waiting too long.
Rachel Sterling Sep 2015
I catch your scent in my covers and sheets as I roll over sleepily
I inhale it deeply
Savoring the familiar smell
Comfort, arms, forehead kisses
A solid chest covered in dark, soft hair
The sensation of your bare shoulder on my lips
The soft skin of your neck
The rasp of your beard on my cheek
The solidness of your strength curled around me
I comfort myself with the knowledge that this isn't permanent.
I exhale and smile, wrapping myself in the blankets before drifting back to sleep.
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