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Talis Ren Dec 2018
i write too much dialogue and talk too loud -
side-effects of white noise and late nights,
something wrong in the head.

a bent corner makes crime scene evidence.
better to burn the books and spill vinegar
in every nook and cranny.

wash it away with smoke and
drown it in quotation marks.
no one will be the wiser.

i tell myself,
“you will laugh and laugh and laugh
until you are stretched thin,
until a joke makes fools of them all.

stick to the script and no one will be the wiser.”
Talis Ren Dec 2018
God, you’re off and on again:
black and white,
hard to read between the lines.

I can’t have my glasses
if you keep breaking them.
A dash of salt and ice
doesn’t put out the house fire.

Why are we here
if not to bicker and fight
and expect the paint overcoat?

What a mess.
The way that people think sometimes makes me sick
The way we criticize so hard and judge so quick
Before you judge me look in the mirror
All of the sudden things become much clearer.

You just see face and the hair, lips and the eyes
But I know all your secrets and I know your lies
If you look closer you will see
That deep down you’re no better than me.

I see past the make up for what you really are
Just a regular person covering a scar
Hidden in your mind, a place you don’t go
Memories and things you’d rather people don’t know.

We all have those secrets buried deep inside
Things that we’d do almost anything to hide,
We try to cover with makeup clothes and that certain grace
But when you look in the mirror it’s staring you in the face.

You can put on the act and the makeup too
But I can see right through you,
You’re just another girl wanting to be accepted
Fearing the burn of being rejected
Falling into the trap of mindless trends
Just envied by your friends
Thinking that once you got it then you’re in
But you still feel the emptiness from within.

So foolish so blind people can be
Take off those colored contacts and you’ll see.
If transparent
a token
promiscuous now
in freefall
and spy
of equanimity
though treason
nigh fortuity
with desire
hone awhile
storm is
lust and
inherently strife
that renegade
spliff come
this ring
of fire.
Investigation  is apparanent
Journey of Days Apr 2017
tracing back to the exact moment when
clothed in cobwebs that shone like gold
you stepped out
in your metal tips boots with a stiletto heel
and spruiked your special brand of *******
demanding fidelity or risk holy coercion

that moment, that was it
the genesis
of fake

tongue dripping with honied venom
in hand your resume, a history spattered with muck
hidden in the fine print and finished with a high legal gloss
and they fell at your feet
dulled by the cloy of perfume
used to cover up the rot

that moment, that was it
the genesis
of fake

Journey of Days Apr 2017
from your perch, the throne of bones and rubble
your prized real estate
scraped up from the wreckage of failed relationships
and immoral battles you have waged

from that height, sitting on your throne of bones and rubble
do you deign to think of those slaughtered
through your witless actions
and opportunistic smiles

is the view worth it?
does the stench reach your refined nose?
do the maggots tickle your toes?

bones and rubble have a memory
they tell stories
even if the colour consultant you hired
has done such a wonderful job redecorating
your false stories

Don't hold your breath
I can see through the cracks
Your heart is rotten to the core.
Stop  hidding behind those lies.
Riya Aug 2014
By now you must’ve realised,
that every face wears a mask
but darling,
if you let me, I want to do the honours,
of taking that filth away from you,
Daring, you don’t need a cover up
You’re just perfect the way you are.
Don’t you dare do them that favour
of getting under your akin
they’re just parasite’s ;
Lurking to get within;
They’re the monsters that hide under your bed

But darling I forgot to tell you…
We are the parasites and monsters that the fairytales warned us about.
You no
every time I wake I do my make up
Fake smile on
Looking all happy
Being friendly
Thinking my life is perfect,

For those people to not know
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