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Not an open book when it comes to honesty and feelings,
Judgement and rejection are my fears,
Although, I’d rather be rejected than to be judged.
Nothing more I want than to come clean, break the chains that I keep over my shattered heart, just let everything out.
But unfortunately, it’s not that easy.
People that can be your future will always pay the price for people in the past and that’s not fair.
Alex Miller Sep 2020
Mask on my face protects me.
Hides me.
Binds me.

Help me to pretend.
Puting on a smile
Dont put me on trial.
You wont win this game.

My mask is a cover,
A slip,
A shield.

Its protects me,
It helps me.

Let me go about my day.
Let me on my way.
This isnt your issue.
Dont get a tissue.
I was born this way.

Hide away.

Push it away till it is no more.
This mask is my safety net
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
Shell casings strewn
On a rooftop
A grassy knoll
An underground garage
This is what ensues
When you hate the man
In front of you in line
And he happens
To step into Texas
If transparent
a token
promiscuous now
in freefall
and spy
of equanimity
though treason
nigh fortuity
with desire
hone awhile
storm is
lust and
inherently strife
that renegade
spliff come
this ring
of fire.
Investigation  is apparanent
Journey of Days Apr 2017
tracing back to the exact moment when
clothed in cobwebs that shone like gold
you stepped out
in your metal tips boots with a stiletto heel
and spruiked your special brand of *******
demanding fidelity or risk holy coercion

that moment, that was it
the genesis
of fake

tongue dripping with honied venom
in hand your resume, a history spattered with muck
hidden in the fine print and finished with a high legal gloss
and they fell at your feet
dulled by the cloy of perfume
used to cover up the rot

that moment, that was it
the genesis
of fake

Journey of Days Apr 2017
from your perch, the throne of bones and rubble
your prized real estate
scraped up from the wreckage of failed relationships
and immoral battles you have waged

from that height, sitting on your throne of bones and rubble
do you deign to think of those slaughtered
through your witless actions
and opportunistic smiles

is the view worth it?
does the stench reach your refined nose?
do the maggots tickle your toes?

bones and rubble have a memory
they tell stories
even if the colour consultant you hired
has done such a wonderful job redecorating
your false stories

Don't hold your breath
I can see through the cracks
Your heart is rotten to the core.
Stop  hidding behind those lies.
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