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Emmanuella Dec 2018
Familiarity breeds contempt.

And she was all too familiar with herself.
I love little 2 liners.
She is Blue Oct 2018
You must,
You just must surround yourself with people who respect you,
Give regard to those who do not
The path down the hill of contempt
Is one not well-kept
You might hear this often
I do,
I guess I know it’s a lot easier to write this
than to do
But once you leave,
you will feel free
Your company should never make
You feel hostile and trapped
You’re worn out and
It’s uneasy and uncomfortable
You don’t need an explanation to leave
Havoc and abhorrence
That’s they’re own doing
There may never be a consolation to these type
Of toxic relationships
But that’s the beauty of free-will
You are in charge of ones discretion
It may be unrequited, unsettling for them
But think about you now
Liberate yourself
Respect yourself

let them go
& now, be free
Alek Mielnikow Aug 2018
Promises you never keep,
Dancing in the dark we are
Redeeming what you lost,
Tossed deep into our savage sea.
CL Fjell Jul 2018
Once in a dream,
You were only a gleam
A ray of blinding sun.

When nights long ago,
You said you loved me so
Well I guess it was only make believe.

Years come to pass,
My first and my last
This fire never ignites for another

The embers you left behind,
Still burn within my mind
A dancing swirling splendor.
I still love you, but you moved on
Ron Gavalik Jul 2018
On the bicycle trail, a middle-aged
woman in spandex biking gear
had her bike flipped upside down.
I dismounted next to her.
“You need a hand?”
She kept her eyes fixed
on her bike wheel. “Why do I need
your help?” Her voice was filled
with contempt. “It’s only a flat.”
I didn’t respond.
Pedaling along the river,
I made the decision
to keep offering assistance.
Someday I’d need it.

-Ron Gavalik
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amber Jul 2018
disappointed and embarrassed,
my heart is heavy.

you make me sad...
not because of who you are,
but because of who i imagined you to be.
Julian Delia May 2018
Contempt of court –
The legal term for a charge
Levelled against those who dare
Those whose emotions and criticisms are laid bare
In front of judge and jury.

Contempt of court
Is when one is disobedient, or discourteous,
In the face of a system which is injurious;
It is the charge
That snaps one’s knees into bending,
That makes your dignity cave
And one’s case never-ending.

To oppose or defy the authority of the courts
Is viewed as improper, an act
That will have you prosecuted by your own cohorts.
Fellow human beings
Tasked with the imprisonment of another
Brother turning on brother
As the wheels of justice turn and grind,
Leaving trails of lost lives behind.

Contempt of court
Is a feeling I find difficult to abort –
How can I respect an institution
That is responsible for the destitution
Of societal morality?
It is the court’s stated responsibility
To maintain order and propagate
Fairness and equality for all,
To scrutinise and investigate
Not just crimes committed
By men and women struggling to make ends meet,
Putting their heads together so they can eat,
But those
Who hide behind banks and get to foreclose
Not just our homes but also, our dreams and hopes.

If you want me to respect the court,
I want the court to enforce laws justly.
If you want me to respect the authorities,
I want the authorities to stop lying to us so abruptly.
If we are to have authorities and laws
I want sensible, sustainable laws, to be upheld everywhere
Not to be iron-****** with some,
A velvet glove with another.

If I ever see
A banker sentenced to jail
My respect for the court I shall hail;
If I ever see
A politician swallowing his lies,
Forced to live like us, and realise
The extent of the damage that they wreaked
If I ever see
An abusive or corrupt judge
On the other side of the gallows,
Locked up and told when to exist like a drudge
Only then
Will I shed this contempt
Only then
Will I be content.
I am angry.
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