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Upside down kitty!
Would u look at that!
Looks like he's trying
To b a bat!


© From A Poet's ♥️
Poem #2944
My point is this
Wait for bliss
It will come to u
When u don't expect it to

© From A Poet's ♥️
I found mine
Right here online
On Facebook
When I didn't look

In a poetry group
Is where we met
Then sent friend request
Our friendship was set

He checked in on me
Thru poetry
Cause I was still married
To a big meanie

My ex is a stalker
He hacks my profiles
So we had to b creative
For a little while

Then we fell in love
For me it wasn't planned
I wasn't looking
For a new man

Then things w/ the ex
Took the worst turn
Me & kids left
We were able to yearn

My new man got here
In July
He did what he said
And he didn't lie

We've been fighting for my kids
To get full custody
He treats them like they're his
1, 2 & 3

He was there for me
Thru my divorce
I was FINALLY free
To b married to he

We got married last year
And shed happy tears
But my ex used a wild card
And he used it hard

He hurt my kids
(Now it's all 3)
And he almost lost
Physical custody

Then they went
To foster care
For 6 weeks
Live?! I didn't dare!

He got them back
They went back to slack
With their 17th(?) mommy
They live there with he

Then carona came round
And shut everything down
Now I can't c them at all
He won't let them talk when I call

He's stolen my right
To #1 & #2
They say they hate me
(Cause he told them to)

So all I get
Is a phone call
Twice a wk w/ #3
And that's all

Now we r just waiting
For our credit
A magic #
To hit

So we can
Get a loan
To start buying
Our own home

My old car
Finally died
And we got
A new ride

Things haven't went
As we would like
But prayers we've sent
To God for help

Things take time
Just like this rhyme
But don't lose hope
Hold onto your rope

B all u can b
And just b u
And u will c
All the things u can do

U never know
Who's been watching u
Or who may have
Fallen in love with u

They may b waiting
For the right time
To chime in on
One of your rhymes

© From A Poet's ♥️
Hope things get better
U'll find Mr. Right.
Stop looking so hard
He'll come in the night

U will never expect
When he shows his face
He will b true
And feelings won't erase

He won't use u
Or feelings abuse
He will treat u right
And u'll stay up all night

U won't b able
From him to part
He'll latch on to u
Each and every part

He will show u
What a real man is like
Then u can tell
The fakes to take a hike

© From A Poet's ♥️
I need patience for things
That money can't buy
Like how to handle when
Someone tells me a lie

© From A Poet's ♥️
I'm going back
To college
To get me
Some knowledge

To get my
"Abby degree"
To b a
Better me

© From A Poet's ♥️
Inspired by going back to college
We make
Great poetry
It's made
By u & me

© From A Poet's ♥️
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